How to backup your mac using disk utility

Is the external harddrive where the image will be saved erased with starting backing up the image? My external harddrive is huge therefore I also have other files on it that I do not want to delete. Thanks for any feedback! Hey did you ever get the answer to your question about erasure of drive if you made an image in a drive that has information on it already? I have a few problems with my laptop. I am able to make it to the first steps lists above. I am able to press open disk image which allows me to see all the files and folders on the laptop. Just wondering if you found a solution?

Mine is doing the same. It says to select your external drive, but it does not show that happening in the picture, which confused me at first until I started from the beginning and followed the words rather than the pictures.

Back up your Mac

Hope that helps! So far, so good! Otherwise, I have lost a year since my last back up. Not sure what to do next? You need an external drive that is specifically Mac Ready so that it is already formatted correctly.

The hard drive is not MAC readable. You need to get a FAT 32 drive. Howeve if you have big files you might need another MAC to re format the External drive to a different format. Will this Image taking also backup of my pictures?


Can someone confirm this? I keep getting error How do I safely back up all my files without erasing my external drive or my Mac?

How to Use Disk Utility in macOS Sierra - formatting external hard drive basics

Did you manage to back up all your files? I have the same question. Plus my gb hard drive is only shown as under a gig on the external drive.

All You Need to Know to use Disk Utility on your Mac

Operation failed with status 2. I have a late re-furbished MacBook Pro that cant gets past the grey screen of death for more than a minute before shutting down. What to do about the OS? I set the backup going and a progress bar appeared and seemed to be working. I left it going and returned to find iMac seemingly asleep, mouse movement woke it, but to a blank dark grey screen.

Thanks it worked for me. To save my data from Mac, I needed to format my external harddisk formated in a windows and Mac to use it on Mac I needed to erase the external disk on Mac. After this It was possible to save my data from HD. Then I erase my HD Mac.

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I have re formatted the external drive I am trying to back up to so there is nothing on it. Any ideas of what I can do? Is this the same as making a Time Machine backup? In other words, when the backup is done, will I be able to restore the Mac using what was just backed up on the removable hard drive…just like restoring from a Time Machine backup?

Used these instructions to back up to an external hard drive. Worked just fine, except it did not backup the user library folder for mail which is the one I needed the most. Hi Larry Can you please show me the process. I am really battling here and petrified to loose all the stuff on the Pro. Thank you! Thank you, it also worked for me.

Clone HD with Disk Utility (Download Mac Hard Drive Cloning software)

Thanks for the advice! After trying all the options and still getting errors could not back up , I grabbed an empty external hard drive, booted into recovery HD, and then used the disc utility to format the hard drive as Mac Journaled drive. Install the macOS to your external hard drive and boot from it. Now you can see your original HD as a secondary drive and back up all the files you need. File too large. The told Macintosh size is Gbs needs to back up and I have over Gbs left in the external drive using for back-up but its keep on happening again and again.

Appreciate if someone can suggest. I can start my MacBook to login. But, I cannot use the keyboard. What can I do? Please help me. Suggestions appreciated. Thank you. Any advice?

Here is how to back up your Mac:

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The application will open, presenting you with this interface: Click on File in the toolbar, then select New then Disk Image from [your hard drive]: Name your Mac backup and then select your external drive as the destination in the Where drop-down menu: You can opt to change the Image Format settings: