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DavidT 96 3. Is it possible to boot into a Windows bootcamp partition in Target Disk Mode? Jonny Townend 13 2. David C 1 Is it possible to access files on an internally mounted hard drive with an incompatible OS? It's plugged internally, as it was attempted externally but ' Phillip 4. I tried many Swisher Sweet 2, 4 30 Use target mode to pull data from a hard disk encrypted with FileVault?

I got this message on a MacBook Pro The hard disk is encrypted with This is a quick image showing my cables and MacBooks.

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While Migration Hang 49 6. Can I buy a mini-display port cable and connect it to the Matt Temple 6 1. Is migrating using a Time Machine backup the same as using the old Mac in target disk mode? If I migrate to a new Mac using Migration Assistant, when it prompts about connecting a source disk, is using a fresh Time Machine backup equivalent to using my old Mac in target disk mode?

I was mistaken about the hard drive size, there was no corruption of the disk nor a mistake in the displayed size. This is a question of many parts. The gist is captured by the title: Sllew 23 6.

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Is it possible to copy a running Macbook's state running Sierra over to a new Macbook? I can't use target disk mode for two reasons: Would it be possible to hook them together and use the G5 as an external drive mounted on the Mac Pro? Rabb Mcarthur 16 1 1 3. Is there a way to keep the credentials? This is great except all the credentials for iCloud, Adobe, and Microsoft get erased when switching "host" computer. The volume on Brien Colwell 51 5. Not a big deal when I'm out and about, but not great for serious work. What I'd like to do: Get an iMac with decent specs, use Any Mac running Lion You will find that external drives typically are shown with an orange icon, with their interface printed on the icon itself.

In this screen shot example, the right-most orange boot drive is a USB flash disk. This is fairly uncommon these days, but it was the primary method of accessing recovery partitions before OS X became a download from the App Store, and before USB installer drives became more common. The only exception is with target disk mode , which requires a different sequence to use.

One thing to consider about this approach is that the setting choice stays in place until it has been changed again through the Startup Disk Manager. This means that if the chosen startup volume has been disconnected from the Mac, on the next reboot a blinking question mark may appear, because the set startup disk is no longer visible. If that blinking question mark is persistent, that can be easily remedied by holding down the OPTION key, selecting the normal Macintosh HD boot volume at startup as outlined above, and then going back to Startup Disk in System Preferences to choose the proper OS X startup volume again.

Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. Can you recommend an external hard drive that will be able to reboot the OSX. I am considering getting Carbon Copy and they insisted that I get an external drive that is rebootable.

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I am trying to find one that actually says it on the tin, which is proving quite difficult. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Kevin, As long as the drive is connected to the computer, the backup using Carbon Copy should work.

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If you find an external hard drive and have any questions about it, try asking their support. Glad to help and please reply with any questions , Dimitri. I made a mistake. I pulled my working hard drive that has two partitions one lion one snow leopard Out of my MacBook plugged it into another macbook to just test the computer itself.

It booted fine in the other computer. Either partition.

Possible to install OSX using target disk mode?

I did do a new image of each partition to an external drive. What do you recommend? I do not want to loose all the info on the drive. I will be very happy and less broke if I can just yank out the drive from my old mbp, put it in a case, plug it in via USB, boot from it, and run my older software. I had an issue with my Mac Pro recently.

How to Directly Transfer Files from one Mac to an other using Target Disk Mode

Was trying to do a clean install of Yosemite but got a message somewhere along the lines of this is not a supported install of the operating system. Thankfully my iMac had Yosemite installed on it.

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Went to the App Store and was able to download Yosemite which was installed on the external drive. So far everything is working, not sure what happened but now I am going to have a main boot drive along side an external boot drive. Even a Mac can have a bad hair day! I installed a new gb hard drive today and reinstalling mac OS X from an external drive.

How to Boot a Mac from an External Drive or Alternate Startup Disk

The first time I got a circle with a diagonal line through it on the screen, after I saw the apple, and the spinner was spinning below the circle. What is the solution to get past this? Take your HD out and install it into a inclosure box. Then connect it to your usb connector on your made and restart computer. If your computer starts and boots. Then its your HD wire. Need to replace it. I was getting a folder with a question mark so replaced my hd with a ssd hd.