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  • Must-have Chrome Rest Clients for Web Application Testing.
  • Cocoa Rest Client: A free, native Apple OS X app for testing HTTP/REST endpoints!
  • Advanced REST client.
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Powerful HTTP and GraphQL tool belt

Nederlands Dutch. Wikang Tagalog Tagalog. Website https: Repository https: Category Developer Tools. Downloads v Latest Release Development You are welcome to contribute to the project. To start developing use following instructions. Start with forking the repository and getting the code git clone https: Making a HTTP request. Releases Tags. This commit was signed with a verified signature.

GPG key ID: Fixed requesting OAuth2 token Security Disabled node integration in the renderer process Added content security policy to the application Added preload script to be very specific about code that can be executed in the renderer process General Upgraded Electron to version 4 Upgraded components to Polymer 2. Redesigned navigation: Navigation lists now comes with 3 size settings: This simplifies application startup logic by a lot which makes it easier to test and maitain. Because of that the real Anypoint theme cannot be recreated inputs, icons.

Anypoint theme will use anypoint colors scheme only. Adding dark theme Adding an option to install theme from npm or GitHub repo. Now export also includes internal entity ID that will be restored when importing back to the application. Conflicts are resolved to new accept incoming data. Duplicate request: The app now accept --debug command line switch to enable detailed message tracing Added file log output.

What To Do When Chrome Drops Support For Your REST API Testing

The log file location dependes on the OS. See electronjs. Fixed units in Task manager Task manager now renders processes names more accurately Adding release channels.

Advance Rest Client, X Csrf Token Tutorial [SAP Gateway Odata Service Example]

Now app support Stable, Beta, and Unstable release channels. Access settings in "About ARC" screen. Task manager may not show memory info electron Adding new "File" menu entry to open a file from the filesystem New onboarding screen including use of Google Drive API New application internal routing to simplify general navigation handling Projects now can be opened to the workspace with option to replace workspace requests with project requests Requests Redesigned workspace experience Increased workspace load time Tabs can now be reordered Removed headers sets Added code examples to the request options Request now can be saved in more than one project New settings options: Disable local variables defined in variables panel Disable system variables Disable redirects Redesigned "save" dialogs and added request details dialog with stored metadata When restoring workspace state latest response is also restored Added global setting to set OAuth2 redirect URI.

Releases · advanced-rest-client/arc-electron · GitHub

This value is used when requesting OAuth2 token. The redirect page do not need to do anything but has to exist valid URL. Added experimental drag and drop support for requests and projects Added experimental SSL certificates validation. Use it if you having trouble connecting to your web service. App navigation pop-ups. Enables detaching navigation from application window to new window.

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Old console is not supported. Known issues Warning message in console when loading the app because of use of deprecated HTML imports. This need further investigation.

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