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Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Publication date Emulator dosbox. Mobygames http: Scanner Internet Archive Python library 0. Year Gabriella Cordone - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - November 26, Subject: Wonderful A walk on memory lane, but not only - this was and now is again my favourite game of all time.

Warlords II - Dwarves (Erythea)

I used to play it with my late husband, and playing it now brings back those joyful moments from long ago. It's quiet, slow paced and intriguing - one of the better treatment for my cronic severe depression. By the way So addictive One of my favorite games ever. Truly compelling turn-based strategy game with a simple design - much better than the more complicated version Warlords III which had suddenly lost a lot of the charm that came with simplicity.

By some strange magic the Internet Archive has managed to make the save game feature work as long as you're using the same PC , and I haven't experienced any of the mouse problems mentined by others in their reviews. I'm playing the game in a Chrome browser on a Windows 8 computer. My only problem with this game is that it's quite addictive. BTW I remember the Deluxe version from back in the day, where you could design your own maps for the game. Having that in the Archive would be great, provided that we'd be able to save the maps we had created.

Mouse Problems I was excited to see this and SimCity on this website, but the mouse in the emulator does not align with my computers mouse and the game is entirely unplayable. I can not maneuver the mouse to click on all necessary parts of the screen because my computer mouse exits the emulator streaming field while the emulator mouse is left somewhere toward the middle.

I would love to play these games if they were functional. So close! Each player begins play with a level 1 hero at the start of the game. Unlike other units, additional heroes can not be produced by cities or discovered in ruins or hidden tombs. The only way to gain a new hero is to accept an offer in exchange for money.

Newly hired heroes often come with allies. The game flow of Warlords typically involves capturing the cities. The default winning condition is to conquer most of the cities on the map. The cities are the main source of new units in the game. Once the player owning the city orders production of unit, the city will provide new units of a kind until another order is issued. The production may be forwarded from one city to another, allowing player to concentrate armies on the borderline or in another location of strategic interest.

The cities also serve the defense purpose: Several units have the special ability to cancel the city bonus. Once a city falls to another player, he has a choice whether to occupy, pillage, sack or raze it.

Warlords II (CD version)

Once razed, the city can't be rebuilt. Sacking the city removes all the production options returning the player half of their cost. Pillaging the city results in removal of some production options those being the most expensive units in Warlords and Warlords II and the units player can't produce in Warlords III. The relations between the players are regulated by the diplomacy: While there is a possibility to attack another player without prior negotiations, such behavior may be followed by unilateral declaration of war by all other players on a violator.

The battles in Warlords with the exception of Warlords IV are non-interactive. The process of battle is shown as two enemy stacks opposing each other; when a unit is killed it disappears from the battle screen. The outcome of the battle is calculated using the units' abilities and several other factors using a sophisticated algorithm.

The games of the series are noted for the strong AI. The games are set in the fantasy world of Etheria, and tend to be based around the traditional premise of good versus evil , with neutrality in between. Heroes on the side of good are the Sirian Knights, the mercantile Empires of Men, the elves and the dwarves.

On the side of evil are the demonic horsemen: The politics of the world, however, are more complicated than they first appear, particularly in the third installment of the series. For example, the Minotaurs, who were created as servants for Sartek, the Lord of War, are a neutral race rather than an evil one. Also, the third game opens with the human Empire pillaging and exploiting the newly discovered lands of the peaceful Srrathi snakemen, in an obvious nod to the historical European conquest of the Americas. Most importantly from a player's point of view, a Hero's race is not as important in determining their moral alignment as their choice of class.

For example, while the Undead are evil as a rule, an Undead Paladin would be treated as good though such a thing is only possible in the third game, wherein all previous restrictions on race and class combinations have been removed. It featured eight different clans battling for the control of the mythical land of Illuria: Each clan could either be controlled by the computer or by a human player, allowing up to eight participants taking turns in hot seat play.

Gameplay consisted of moving units, attacking opponent units or cities, adjusting production in cities, and moving hero units to explore ruins, temples, libraries, and to discover allies, relics, and other items. The goal of the game was to conquer the land of Illuria by capturing or razing at least two thirds of the cities in the land. This version included five maps although the later released mission pack increased the number. Another new feature was 'fog of war' - optionally, enemy units or even the map could be concealed from players without units close enough to see them.

The interface of the game was improved, as were the graphics with additional unique city graphics for each different player.

Turn-based strategy video games

Moreover, the game featured multiple army, city, and terrain sets still in 16 colours , play by e-mail as well as hot seat, and a random map generator and map editor. The updated version of the game — Warlords II Deluxe — was released in It allowed for custom tile, army and city sets for maps and provided support for colours.

Thanks to the publication of the editor, Warlords II Deluxe led to an increase of user-created content. Many new maps, army and terrain sets, and scenarios were distributed on the Internet for the game. The game was released for Microsoft Windows and used new system capabilities to dramatically improve graphics: The heroes acquired the ability to cast spells to receive the temporary benefit.


Warlords II, Flashback and Abuse Revisited

Each spell has its price expressed in mana points, which became the second after gold resource in game. The campaign system also became more advanced: The concept of diplomacy was further refined by adding new state of diplomatic relations: This state allowed players trespassing each other's cities and winning the Allied victory exterminating all other parties.

Another diplomacy-related feature introduced in Reign of Heroes was the ability to bribe enemies, thus influencing their diplomatic decisions. The amount of bribe was fine-tunable; the more substantial bribe was, the greater chances of needed decision were. We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available. Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentations when possible. If the manual is missing and you own the original manual, please contact us!

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Warlords II (floppy version)

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