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Listen to "REMember" here. Even on what is ostensibly a brag track, meant to assert his talent as a rapper, Miller is open and eloquent about his existentialism. In one moment, Miller brags that his competing rappers are just "diet soda.

Mac Miller - Faces (Full Mixtape)

Listen to "Diablo" here. Miller's third album "GO: The song is a banger at heart, but creates tension that reflects Miller's mid-career struggle: It's the duality of man ," Miller told GQ, reflecting on the album, in Listen to "Weekend feat.

Colors And Shapes Lyrics - Mac Miller

Miguel " here. OD AM. Throughout the seven-minute, two-part confessional, Miller confronts his loved ones — his brother, his girl, his parents, his God, his own conscience, and his demons. He makes excuses and apologizes. He sympathizes with his mistakes and resolves not to repeat them.

Mac Miller, 'Faces' & Why We're Attracted to Artists Killing Themselves

Miller's fourth studio album, "The Divine Feminine," saw the rapper go in a completely different artistic direction. Miller had recently confirmed his romance with Ariana Grande , whose vocals appear elsewhere on the album. He originally had a full verse on that ended the song, but requested Miller remove it before the album was officially released.

The original version with his verse still remains unreleased.

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Faces was met with positive reviews upon release, and noted for its themes and exploration of psychosis, addiction, and mortality. Many regard it as perhaps Mac Miller's greatest work, and laud Miller's unique, jazzy production as some of his best. Faces has gained significant cult status amongst rap fans as one of the best mixtapes ever released, particularly during the internet mixtape boom of the early 's. It was released at the end of a particularly prolific period for Miller and many of his close friends and collaborators in the rap underground, including Earl Sweatshirt, Vince Staples, ScHoolboy Q, and Ab-Soul, all who are featured on Faces.

Faces was rated the eighteenth best rap album of by Rolling Stone. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Faces Mixtape by Mac Miller.

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  1. He opened up about addiction in the 2013 song " The Star Room.".
  2. Miller illustrated his deep existentialism on "The Question" in 2012..
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September 3, [1]. Malcolm McCormick Stephen Bruner. McCormick Quincey Hanley.

Mac Miller - Faces-2014

McCormick Antoine Reed. McCormick Kulousek Dan Vaughan. McCormick Michael Jones. McCormick Kgositsile Darien Dash. While beneath the ocean I met with the captain Who sank to the floor on his ship All of his passengers escaped to safety But he was not done with his trip He looked up and smiled, asked me "how do you do? They invade your minds and then fill them with nonsense These things that a man doesn't need Take out the love and the passion and hope And they fill it with nothing but greed While floating to galaxies they said I could And I noticed how sad one can get Cause the ignorant mind is so peaceful I find I can't understand nothing no more If I jump let me fall If I jump let me fall [Hook].

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