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How to fix a “can’t be moved” permissions problem on your Mac

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Nary a clue, but I wonder if it would be worth your while to boot into your Recovery partition and repair home permissions if the functionality still exists and is still located there [I haven't looked in ages. Sierra re-introduces repairing permissions. No error , and the errant files are now readable by Preview. I still have no idea exactly why GraphicConverter worked on the florfed files, but I have my suspicions It's my go-to app for problem image files, hence my bringing it up here. New York State. Urquhart Registered: Urquhart ].

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Urquhart After a reboot, Preview could open the same files normally. The username is inspired by a past holiday to the Loch Ness area and the beautiful name of a shoreline castle in particular. Thanks for the reminder. Not sure which I did. Probably a restart, but it could have been a shut down and a start up.

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But the distinction is worth paying attention to as a possible source of variability. Virtual1 Registered: Virtual1 ]. Virtual1 It's not a permissions error and you are not seeing things.

3 Ways to Delete Problem Items from the Trash -

Thanks for your view on the issue. While at first glance the permissions repair might be considered instrumental, in all cases I can assess Preview was also quit and reloaded, and hence remained a contender for mischief. Disk Utility even had a Repair Disk Permissions options to fix system settings that might have gotten out of whack. It was removed in later releases of the app because it was no longer necessary. I sometimes use Terminal and have to mess with file permissions behind the scenes for command-line apps. Because Apple provides no further instructions, this might leave many newer users at sea.

Or the offending item might be being used by another program.

3 Ways to Delete Problem Items from the Trash

Regardless of what the problem may be if you follow these three solutions you should be able to finally get rid of that pesky trash. Just hold down the command key and the ctrl control key and click the bin. Click it and see if the locked files are now deleted. Try closing down any apps that are unessential and then try delete the file again. Follow me here: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

How to Change Permissions for Files and Folders in Mac® OS X™