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ElementsCRM really stretches the CRM boundries and offers features like project management, billing, inventory management and more. If you know of other CRM software solutions for the Apple Mac, or have had experiences, good or bad, with any CRM products or companies listed here, please tell us below. For the Geeks: Kevin Hemenway shows you how to start serving web pages within minutes, then he gives you the tools for advanced techniques that seasoned system administrators use every day at the MacDevCenter.

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Needs Analysis Quiz. It manages everything from contacts, communications, and donations, to events, volunteers and memberships in With minimal training your staff will be able to easily manage the most important information from across your organisation Ovolab Phlink turns your Mac into a powerful answering machine and telephone information center. Widely used in the home, home office and in businesses, Ovolab Phlink greets callers with personalized greetings, Contactizer Pro is the amazing all-in-one solution for managing, sharing and organizing your personal and business information.

Following the prodigious success of it first release, Contactizer Pro 3. It works with CSV or tab-delimited files, and gives you complete control over how the import is FM Starting Point is a FileMaker template designed for use with FileMaker Pro, and is focused on small businesses, work groups, and non-profit organizations. These templates were built with the experience Standard CRM is a powerful business tool to assist with your customer service and turn interactions into lasting relationships.

Quick to setup. Easy to use. All critical supply chain functions included in one modular system: Mac, Windows, Linux and Mobile. Rich API to connect third-party apps. Simple enough for startup small business accounting, scalable enough for Global companies. See complete application https: It is based on C.

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It offers a mobile UI for iPhone and Android. The project has been divided in two main packages: Do you have a GitHub project? Now you can sync your releases automatically with SourceForge and take advantage of both platforms. CiviCRM is an open source and freely downloadable constituent relationship management solution for advocacy, non-profit and other organizations.

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Learn more at http: SuiteCRM delivers all this as completely open source code. Every line of code published by the project is open source. There are no paid for versions. This is our commitment to open source. We believe open source is the future of applications and you can get it today. A vibrant community forum of over 25, members is engaged with the project. The roadmap of enhancements stretches out over the next 18 months.

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The code is published in Github. Rukovoditel is a free web-based open-source project management application. A far cry from traditional applications, Rukovoditel gives users a broader and extensive approach to project management. Its customization options allow users to create additional entities, modify and specify the relationship between them, and generate the necessary reports. Rukovoditel can be implemented not only as a project management tool, but also as a CRM platform, or a combination of both.

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A Fork from Openbravo with priority on fully integrated ERP-Processes with emphasis on fully functional Modules especially for Countrys with complex fiscal laws like Germany. An agile ERP, modular and ready to use.

Enterprise telephony recording and retrieval system with web based user interface. The software contains a web interface for administration of the system and an Active Directory based on Samba resp. The ERP need no plugins in the browser on the client computer. The ERP can be accessed from any where with out effort. Webdav interface for synchronizing contacts and calendar.

In addition to customer, order, invoice management, etc Extensions or modifications can be easily programmed. It has an automated inventory included, which is controlled from the single interface that Integria has. It hastens processes reducing management time and costs for your projects.

Inventory Can be manual or automatic, with custom and dynamic fields, and custom views. Help desk integration.

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Project management Task planning, hour inputting, cost calculations, activity tracking, calendar, vacations and integration with the help desk. Manage accounts, contracts, invoices and opportunities. Compiere automates accounting, supply chain, inventory and sales orders.