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Contact Support Sales. You need to be a Member to view images or to make downloads. Last edited by tak2hata on Sun Mar 23, Fri Feb 13, Japan Name: Windows SketchUp version: Pro SketchUp use: Frenchy Pilou Is beautiful that please without concept!


Speedy Galerie. Wed Jan 23, 9: Pilou Operating system: Welcome to SCF. Very nice plugin. Got a couple of comments: It does not create the grass in the active context. If I open a group or component and select faces it does not add the grass to that group. By design?


Vray 3.60.04 For Sketchup 2018 With Crack For MAC/WIN

Why are there so many Groups generated? To cut down generation time? Just find it a bit odd that a patch will have grass in multiple locations: Tue Nov 13, Trondheim, Norway Name: Thomas Thomassen Operating system: Just find it a bit odd that a patch will have grass in multiple locations:. But would it be faster to make each grass strand to be a ComponentInstance of a single ComponentDefinition?

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That way one can easily edit the grass afterwards as well. I will examine it. I think that time hangs for a moment to change this plugin. Mon Jul 21, 3: Autograss for sketchup!

Descargar, instalar y activar vray 3 6 para sketchup 2018

Thomthom, is there is a simple code fix that we could implement to have the blades made as component instances, or does that involve some rewriting? Fri Sep 12, 8: Eastern Pennsylvania Name: EarthMover Operating system: Those who see when they are shown. Those who do not see. Sat Feb 16, Canada Name: I guess one could also just use the plugin to create a small patch of grass, convert it to a component and then spray it into the areas needed. Make the type box and Option box.

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  • I like that it inherits the colour of the face it sits on. An nice option would be if it could generate a given set of material variants 0 to n and use that.

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    Tue Nov 24, PA Name: Rick Graham. Edit clarity: I also made benchmark of my computer and CPU score is 3: Is the benchmark actively testing GPU rendering capability or just regular render time? I have Thea Render on my PC.

    Perhaps VRay will support openCL some day in near future. In the meantime: Thank you, Simon.