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The 10 Best Writing Apps of 2018

Growly Write takes up far less space than Word yet offers many of the same features without being bloated. Growly Write allows you to add pictures, columns, tables and has a clear and easy to use interface.

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OmmWriter works on Mac, PC and iPad and is aimed at those that need a simple and soothing Word alternative with no flashy features or distractions. OmmWriter uses relaxing backgrounds and a simple interface to help you focus on writing.

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It also has calming audiotracks and keystroke sounds which depending on the person, will either soothe or annoy the hell out of you. The free version of OmmWriter has 3 backgrounds 3 audio tracks and 3 keystroke sounds. OpenOffice was originally created by Oracle but is now developed by Apache and one of the most widely used MS Office alternatives on Mac. On the downside, OpenOffice is based on Java which is notoriously problematic and insecure on Mac. If you choose OpenOffice, just make sure you save your work regularly but our advice is avoid anything that requires Java.

NeoOffice below offers most of the features of OpenOffice but without the need for Java.

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NeoOffice is an adaption of OpenOffice specifically for Mac without using Java and with a much slicker Mac like interface. LibreOffice for Mac is another fully featured alternative to Office on Mac. LibreOffice offers most of the same features as OpenOffice and NeoOffice although it can be quite unstable sometimes. This may be because, unlike NeoOffice which is now based on the slick Cocoa interface, LibreOffice still uses clunky old Java like OpenOffice which we recommend avoiding if possible.

These are the best substitutes to Word for Mac but if you have any questions about them or other suggestions, let us know in the comments below. My choice is GoogleDocs and Libre office. Gdocs are amazing for collaborative work and when you work on several computers.

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Office is also available on Mac and Microsoft are finally about to update Office for Mac by releasing Office On mac office freezes my computer. Do you know when it is planned?

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Best Word Processing Software

Today's Top Stories. Word for Mac is getting way too expensive, but we have five cheaper alternatives.

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Word for Mac remains the gold standard for word processors, but it's no bargain. You can't buy Word without buying the whole Microsoft Office package, which means you end up paying a lot for features you may not use.

  • 5 free alternatives to Word on Mac.
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  • 5 free alternatives to Word on Mac.
  • 11 Great Alternatives To Word For Mac (Free & Paid)!
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  • 5 Cheaper Alternatives to Word for Mac;
  • 6. Edit Office Documents in Dropbox.
  • If you are a professional or you rely on a specific, sophisticated component of Word's services, the price makes sense. But if you primarily use Mac for simpler tasks, you may want to explore other options.

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    We unearthed several equally efficient word processors. It's not like Word for Mac can turn a rough draft into a masterpiece. Solid alternatives to Microsoft's processing powerhouse exist, and they can save you enough money to buy a few helpful books about writing: Because Pages is an Apple product, integration with iTunes, iMovie, iPhoto, and Aperture ensures seamless multimedia presentations. One vital caveat: