Pound sign on mac spanish keyboard

Perhaps the other answer is using a US layout. To get started, follow these steps also see image below for reference: Click on the Text tab. The Replace and With columns appear. This becomes the resulting replacement text. Bad idea, try to type european Typing "european" works fine, as text replacement only works on complete words. But yes, if you often need to type "euro" as a word, then a different shortcut would be advisable I like to start my replacement strings with a special character to minimise accidental replacements, e.

Type the British Pound Symbol in Mac OS X

Zo Zo 2, 6 Jawa 2, 5 16 If you are using Polish OS X keyboard: Allan BeWise BeWise 31 1. I thin k better to add to apple.


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Jaime Santa Cruz 4, 5 16 Maria Theocharopoulou Maria Theocharopoulou 1. I am really curious what layout you could be using on a Mac.

Easy Keyboard Shortcut key to Insert Euro & Pounds Symbols

IconDaemon Which keyboard, though? I use the U. What does this add that hasn't already been said? It doesn't even include the nationality of the keyboard.

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Totally useless answer, should be deleted. Rob Ashton Rob Ashton 1.

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Here's an easy way: Just highlight and copy this: You forgot the additional Sure, but my real point was you can just Google "Euro symbol" and copy the symbol and paste it into any app. Guess it depends where you live as to how seldom that would be. Related 0. Hot Network Questions.

Type special characters in OS X | Macworld

Can I do anything to overcome this problem? Jean Long, by email. The simplest method, and this works on any word processor, email or web page, is to hold down the Alt key and press on the numeric keypad you may have to press the NumLock key first. The only problem, for you, is that on most laptops the numeric keypad is incorporated into the keyboard look for numbers on the U, I, O, J, K, L and M keys and you will have to activate it by pressing a combination of Function keys, check the manual for details.

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