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I followed the instructions to clean and uninstall everything. I restarted. I figured it must be an issue with the firmware update on the SCR, so I tried updating the driver for SCR as recommended by http: I still had the same error.

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Often Smart Card issues are caused by OS X not using the correct driver to detect the reader or when there are remnants of old drivers or previous versions of firmware. This can be corrected by performing cleanup and reinstall steps below.


I would recommend double-checking through all of these steps - even if you think have done them before. Please create a new thread in this board if you continue to experience technical issues after performing these steps. I went through those steps exactly twice, and it still wasn't working. I'm assuming there must be some drivers that weren't deleted when it executed that sudo command. Also, can you include a screen shot of the system report screen?

Updating an SCR331 CAC Reader Driver

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PC-Linked Smart Card Readers

To work correctly commands which starts with sudo ,is nessesary for you to have a password for the user. If you don't have set a temporary one during the settings.

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After you use one of the commands you will be propted for password. In order to use your digital sigature is nessesary to install the driver for the smart card reader, the middleware for the smart card and the service for smart card resders pcscd running.

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The service pcscd must start automatically when you plug a reader. Support for All needed drivers work on Reader that are labeled ACR 38U,are not compatible with this driver, so if you use such a device you have to install driver from the site of the manifactorer. After update of the OS X you have to install the drivers again. In OS X Depends on what version of Mac OS X you use install the following:.

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Depend of the model of your card you have to use different software. The model of the card is on the Personal Access Rights, which you receive with your card. Incase you dont have Personal Access Rights, you can check your card model with this command pcsctest from terminal.