Forgot admin password mac lost cd

Then you can try to reset your admin password using the Recovery Partition. This tremendously useful portion of the boot disk has been part of the Mac OS X operating system since the version It contains a barebones version of Mac OS X with essential admin tools. To access the Recovery Partition, you need to switch to the Recovery Mode. When encrypting a storage device, FileVault automatically generates a recovery key.

Change your password

You can use this recovery key to reset the login password for your account. Multiuser operating systems, such as Mac OS X or Linux, come with a mode that boots into a single superuser account. The single-user mode is used mostly for maintenance purposes and, on Mac computers, it can be accessed by holding the Command key and S on startup. Recovering the admin password using the single-user mode requires either the ability to follow instructions to a T or comprehensive admin knowledge.

Until the version Mario - Mar 30, at KT - Mar 31, at It worked. I had been trying to figure this out for weeks. Andy - Apr 2, at Paul - Apr 4, at How can I change the password to my administrator from a standard user of a laptop? That was awesome Thanks so much!

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WhaahaYes - Apr 7, at After 3 years of searching for a solution Thanks so much!! MYA - Apr 8, at Zidane - Apr 10, at Thank you for this tip fella!! Ruby - Apr 13, at One very stupid question: If I manage to do this, will all my data still be there afterwards? Timbo - Apr 13, at Famos - Apr 14, at If you want to make modifications to files: Okay, so how do you accomplish the first step?

How do you reboot it? Someone help? Lynette - Apr 17, at I have an iMac G5 This has worked like a charm - I am just about in tears as I am so thrilled! Thank you so much for your efforts, an appreciative Kiwi. I did everything as followed but it did not restart it just shut down please help out I reset it exactly as you said and after choosing my default language when I reboot it will go no further.

Please help! This worked very well! I seriously thought I was going to have to track down a disc-I've been frustrated for weeks. Anonymous - Apr 20, at Whenever I open up this root terminal thing, my computer is always broken. I would not suggest doing this, even if you do know what you're doing. Michelle - Apr 20, at Works perfectly. You can even go to system preferences and reset your password to your other account.

Then delete the one you just made. Absolutely works. Non problems.

5 Ways to Reset & Change a Lost Admin Password on Mac

Worked first time. I seldom leave comments but this really works. JC - Apr 21, at Willid - Apr 22, at This worked like a friggin charm! Thank you so much! If you were here I would buy you a pint! A sincere note of thanks for your expertise! I jsut bought a used iBook G4 for general apps and I had the same issue of no admin password. Your script worked perfectly!!! Many thanks from the Rocky Mountains!!! I couldnt able to delete. MacPro - Apr 26, at Celie - Apr 26, at How can I get to the terminal commands without clicking command s.

Natalie - Apr 29, at It allowed me a new password, but I think I lost all my movies I made in imovie, photos, docs, etc!!!

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I had my old comps hard drive installed on this computer a while back What now? Oh no I followed your instructions and my computer restarted as if new. I then set up my user password. So now I have a "clean" computer, as if I'm a new user. BUT all my previous photos, documents, etc, etc are nowhere to be seen. But I can't get access; my folders are there within "appleimac", but I'm told I don't "have sufficient access privileges".

I can start afresh with my "new identity", but all my previous stuff is locked away -temporarily, I hope! G5 imac. Just bought a used powerbook pro with snow leopard installed. This worked perfectly. Jehnavi - May 6, at Now we really like this technology, it automatically activates and deactivates the graphic card according to your needs. You also have other laptops which give you a manual switch for turning the graphic card on and off. D - May 9, at Man you're a lifesaver! Worked perfectly the first time. Please people pay close attention to the spaces!

This was great thanks! The software updates wouldn't load because they weren't available in isn't that hilarious , and I couldn't change the clock because I didn't have the password. Your solution worked perfectly. I Can't Thank You Enough You Are The Gre est! Roman - Oct 8, at It's not working for me neither. Any other suggestions? Dcoleman - Aug 9, at Report Respond to CraigT. Respond to xpcman. Report Respond to Dorps Dorps Nov 7, at View all 8 comments.

No matter hw I try the db part will not work. Nickname - Apr 14, at Make sure you use capital letters correctly. Unix is weird compared to a Windows machine. I followed the instructions but 1the mac comes up with a chime and never boots completely.. It's using the same hint! Respond to Dorps Report Respond to macattack.

Forgot Mac Password? How to Reset Your Mac Password (with or without CD)

D - May 7, at Thank so much mac i'v tried so many thing to fix this thing and couldn't this worked great thanks again. Respond to macattack. Report Respond to Tedward. Tedward Jun 3, at Respond to Tedward. Report Respond to manu. I am in user level. I need change the administrater password. Jim - May 25, at Respond to manu. Your reply. Ask a question. You'll be asked to restart when done. Log in with your new password. Reset using another admin account If you know the name and password of an admin account on your Mac, you can use that account to reset the password.

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  7. Log in with the name and password of the other admin account. Click the Reset Password button, then follow the onscreen instructions to create a new password: Choose Log Out from the Apple menu.

    Reset Mac Password – without a CD or Boot Drive

    Log in to your account using your new password. If you don't see this message, FileVault isn't on. Press and hold the power button until your Mac turns off.

    Reset Admin Password MacBook Air Without Administrator Password - Forgot Mac Admin Password

    Press the power button again to turn on your Mac. When the Reset Password window appears, follow the onscreen instructions to create a new password. When done, click Restart. If you were able to reset your password with the Reset Password assistant, log in to your account using your new password. At the login screen, keep entering a password until you see a message saying that you can reset your password using your Recovery Key. If you don't see the message after three attempts, FileVault isn't on. The password field changes to a Recovery Key field.

    Enter your Recovery Key. Use uppercase characters, and include the hyphens. Follow the onscreen instructions to create a new password, then click Reset Password when done.