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In other words, the bottom-left corner of the header. It seems more picky than Excel , and the cursor must be slightly below center rather than at the vertical center. Michael is right trying on v I was aready losing my mind over this. So, this is just utterly crappy UX, but hey, it's Microsoft, what do you expect? Have you ever tried this in Numbers? I wonder why I ever opened Excel in the first place.

How to Quickly Rearrange Column Order in Excel

I had this problem on Upgraded to Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Linked Related If you try to simply drag a column name, which appears to be the most obvious way to move columns, you might be confused to find that it does not work.

As already mentioned, dragging columns in Excel is a bit more complex procedure than one could expect. In fact, it's one of those cases that can be classified as "easier said than done". But maybe it's just my lack of sleight of hand ability: Nevertheless, with some practice, I was able to get it to work, so you will definitely manage it too. Suppose, you have a worksheet with information about your company's products and you want to quickly swap a couple of columns there. I will use the AbleBits price list for this example. Then follow steps 2 - 4 above to move the columns, as shown in the screenshot.

How To Swap Values Between Cells, Rows, Or Columns In MS Excel

The drag and drop method works in Microsoft Excel , , and and can be used for moving rows as well. It might require some practice, but once mastered it could be a real time saver. Though, I guess the Microsoft Excel team will hardly ever win an award for the most user friendly interface on this feature: If manipulating the mouse pointer is not your technique of choice, then you can change the columns order by cutting and pasting them.

Please keep in mind that there're a few tricks here depending on whether you want to move a single column or several columns at a time:. If you are more comfortable with Excel shortcuts and keyboard, then you may like the following way to move columns in Excel:. If you try to do this, you will end up with the following error: The command you chose cannot be performed with multiple selections. If dragging columns with a mouse does not work for you for some reason, then you can try to re-arrange several columns in your Excel table is this way:.

This will select only cells with data rather than entire columns, as shown in the screenshot below. Of course, this is a bit longer process compared to dragging columns, but it may work for those who prefer shortcuts to fiddling with the mouse. Regrettably, it does not work for non-contingent columns either.

If you have some knowledge of VBA, you can try to write a macro that would automate moving columns in your Excel sheets. This is in theory. In practice, most likely you would end up spending more time on specifying which exactly columns to swap and defining their new placements than dragging the columns manually. Besides, there is no guarantee that the macro will always work as expected and each time you would need to verify the result anyways. All in all, a VBA macro does not seem to be well-suited for this task. If you are looking for a fast and reliable tool to switch columns in your Excel sheets, the Column Manager included with our Ultimate Suite is certainly worth your attention.

The Column Manager's pane will appear in the right side of the Excel window and displays a list of columns that are present in your active worksheet. To move one or more columns, select them on the pane and click the Up or Down arrow on the toolbar. The former moves the selected columns to the left in your sheet, the latter to the right: Or, drag-and-drop the columns on the pane with your mouse. Both methods work for adjacent and non-adjacent columns: All the manipulations that you do on the Colum Manager pane are simultaneously performed on your worksheet, which lets you visually see all the changes and have full control over the process.

Another truly wonderful feature is the ability to move a single column or multiple columns to the beginning far left or to the end far right of the table in a click: I have to admit that I really love this little smart add-in. Of course, you should not take my words for granted because I've got used to them and therefore am sort of biased: The Ultimate Suite works with all versions of Excel , and If you want to avoid getting an empty column in the place of the moved one, then you can either use the cut-and-paste option described in the blog post: Or work with Column Manager: You can move the selection or the selected row the same way: Could you please describe your task in more detail?

Transpose data from rows to columns (or vice versa) in Excel for Mac

If possible, send a sample spreadsheet with the data and the expected results to support ablebits. Please include a link to this blog post and your comment number. Thanks for drag and drop. Works with finite columns and finite rows but not for entire selection.

Move or copy cells, rows, and columns

I really appreciate your work! Actually, I'm a visually impaired person and I regularly use Computer in all my professional as well as in personal tasks. I thank you for providing the shortcut keys for keyboard users like me to perform swap columns commands in excel with keyboard. Thank you so much. I should have checked here first. Your advice is clear and simple. Exactly as it should be. I appreciate your work! Hi, How about moving columns in groups column wise or next to a particular column using formula?

Can it be done that way? Thank you so much in advance. While performing the function, a dialogue box appears saying: Do you want to replace the contents of the destination cells? This may happen if you hold down CTRL when pointing to the border of the column. Dragging the column while holding the CTRL key copies the selected column s to another location. Cool, but is it possible to save the column shift routine to redo the same process every now on then on similar workbooks without having to manually move all the columns?

For example, can I define a view with columns I want shown, name the view s , then select views I have defined? Would be easier when you have multiple views; just click the "view name" and there you have it. Hi, I want a corresponding column which follows after another to be arranged in the order of the previous column when I change it to 'Smallest to Largest' if that makes sense? I was wondering if it were possible to drag and drop to the right instead of dropping down. I have a data table that follows columns on one sheet and a data table that follows rows on another sheet.

I want to have the data from the column table appear on the rows table. Once I had a few cells filled in, I tried to drag to the right in the hopes that it would follow the reference cells down the column on the other sheet, but no go If you have any suggestions I would appreciate it. Same as question I copy and paste from an external source into a new workbook several times a day.

How To Select Only Visible Cells In Excel

Can the re-ordering sequence be saved to that I do not need go through the whole process with each new workbook? For this ability I will buy your program, otherwise I might as well keep dragging them manually.

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E-mail not published. All in all, there are four possible ways to switch columns in Excel, namely: Select the column you want to move. Put the mouse pointer to the edge of the selection until it changes from a regular cross to a 4-sided arrow cursor.

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You'd better not do this anywhere around the column heading because the cursor can have too many different shapes in that area. But it works just fine on the right or left edge of the selected column, as shown in the screenshot.

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You will see a faint "I" bar along the entire length of the column and a box indicating where the new column will be moved. That's it! It is not possible to drag non-adjacent columns and rows in Excel. If you are re-arranging columns in a range, either way will do. The operation is attempting to shift cells in a table of your worksheet".

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