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It also covers up to two accidental damage coverages. Items covered under warranty include the battery, power adapter, RAM, and similar. Read More. This includes everything in the standard plan, plus coverage if your iPhone is lost or stolen. As long as you have Find My iPhone enabled at the time of incident, you can get a replacement device. This also includes Apple Pencil coverage, if you bought one with your iPad. Like the coverage for Mac, you get two accidental damage incidents as well.

AppleCare+: Everything you need to know about Appleā€™s extended warranty program

Coverage includes the device, battery, and charging cable. Like the other plans, your Apple Watch coverage includes two incidents of accidental damage. But it still includes the same additional year of warranty coverage two years total. This includes the Apple TV unit and remote. Unlike the other plans, this does not include coverage for accidental damage likely the reason for the name difference.

You know what to expect by now: Check out cool HomePod features that will make you want one. Coverage includes the device, battery, and included earbuds and charging cable. Below is a list of current rates:. I'm so glad my MacBook broke today. The AppleCare plan expires in two weeks. Depending on how careful you are with your devices and whether you can fix your iPhone on your own How to Fix an iPhone Yourself How to Fix an iPhone Yourself Over a few weeks, the angle I needed to plug the lightning cable into my iPhone 5S got more and more specific, until one day it just wouldn't charge.

It was dead. Read More , this may work out in your favor. Cracking the glass backs on the newest iPhone models falls under this. Say you buy a new iPhone every two years and expect to crack the screen once per phone. However, since the newest iPhones are all-screen, their screen repair prices are accordingly higher. It may be more cost-effective to simply set aside a bit of money each month for repairs.

If you tend to drop it often, get a protective case that will keep it safe from damage. Whatever you choose, know your typical usage and calculate the costs first. Read More like SquareTrade.

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Explore more about: Buying Tips , Hardware Tips , Insurance ,. Your email address will not be published. Our experience is the opposite of the claims made by this article. We have had great support through Best Buy and the Geek Squad, both in-person and over the phone. And this is over the course of ten years with an upscale desktop and two mid-scale laptops. We are currently in the hunt for our next laptop and due to the main use being music production, I was seriously considering switching to the MacBook from Windows.

I have been researching online for about three months. To my frustration and surprise, I have read hundreds of negative reviews on Apple's customer service, extreme difficulty in getting an Apple Store to work on your broken product, AND being treated like less than a human in the fancy new Apple Stores.

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Yesterday, my wife and I visited our nearest new Apple Store to test the waters. While not the absolute worst experience of my life, the visit did nothing to impress us with Apple nor did it quell any of the concerns I had heard others express. I was very frustrated as I had made the change mentally to switch to Apple.

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I've read too many reviews of Apple lovers now switching away from Apple, for multiple reasons. The most predominant reason is the way customers are treated poorly, including countless times when people need repairs and who get passed over despite having made appointments. And, this wasn't just one store. Sincerely wanting a MacBook Pro, I checked reviews on the nearest stores, in three different states. Almost the exact same reviews. Two Apple Store members were very friendly.

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But, there was almost a tension in the air with all the others. Like they are being watched and will for some reason be given demerits if they treat you too nicely. There was a feeling of condescension from one of the three people we got help from and one was obviously watching the time on his watch. Upscale laptop for an upscale price.. Upscale laptop, upscale price, snobby service, questionable chances on getting help when needed..

This is from someone who was willing to switch platforms and hopeful in getting a good quality product for a very specific career need. Is Apple's new attitude of indifference and near-disgust towards customers a top-down policy? What happened to the bustling, yet positive feeling the older and smaller stores had?

AppleCare+ for iPhone

You don't have to be a business major to know the eventual affect on Apple's bottom line if nothing changes. The question is Apple support has gone WAY downhill - they might be following in the footsteps of the other dinosaurs like Microsoft. We've taken a dysfunctional mac mini in twice.

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First we were told there was nothing wrong with it. Then we were told that it needed a new logic board - the computer came back and continued the exact same behavior. We asked that rather than continue working with what was obviously a lemon - we get a credit to put towards a new machine. Suddenly, the store visits were undocumented and we needed to bring the machine in to be troubleshot.

AppleCare Warranty: What Are Your Options and Is It Worth It?

Epic fail by Apple. The Rep, Robert Cooper, all but called us liars. This is true of Apple, Microsoft, Best Buy, any company that employs humans. Other factors include: How do you tend to treat similar devices? Will this device stay in one spot the majority of its lifespan, or do you plan on taking it with you on a daily basis? If this device broke just before something important, do you have other devices you could still get by with? If this device does break, is it something you can or would be willing to fix on your own?

How much of a pain would it be to get the device to where it needs to be fixed? Yes, buying an extended warranty is a gamble so is buying car insurance, or fresh vegetables but you can be smart about how you do it. All that being said, APP probably isn't worth it for most devices nor more technically inclined people. However, I do highly recommend some sort of coverage on any MacBook Pro specifically, any laptop. Not only are these relatively complex devices that people tend to use as their main computer as in, they have no back up machine but laptops tend to move.

Even if the furthest distance a laptop moves in its lifespan is from the bedroom to the living room, it's still moving. This answer might hinge on how you use your iPad. Phone and chat support is extended from 90 days to three years as well. Still, Macs have a long life, so you may decide three years of transferable protection is worth the extra cost. The cheaper Apple Watches come with 90 days of tech support and a one-year limited warranty. The plan covers the watch, its battery, the magnetic charging cable, and the power adapter.

That gets you two years of warranty coverage and tech support. Tech support by phone or chat includes help with setup, connecting to Wi-Fi, iCloud, renting or buying from iTunes, AirPlay, and even connecting to third-party streaming services. Loss and theft, including losing the remote. It just sits there. Is AppleCare worth it? How to upgrade your iPhone every year through Bait and fix: Apple is basically forcing you to get AppleCare for your new Macworld Podcast episode How is it different from the warranty Apple products come with? How do I check how much time is left on my AppleCare plan?

Apple retail stores. Drop off at the UPS Store. When Apple finishes the repair, you get the device back in the mail, again with no shipping fee. Direct mail. Alternatively, Apple will send you a box and shipping labels for you to ship any Apple product back to them for repair. Apple pays the shipping both ways. Onsite service. If the problem is with a desktop Mac, Apple can sometimes even send an authorized repair technician to you. If the problem is relatively small, Apple can sometimes just send you a part, like a new iPhone charger or Apple TV remote.

How am I supposed to survive without my device while Apple is repairing it? Does AppleCare cover loss or theft? It varies by the device. Here's the pricing. I bought my iPhone with the iPhone Upgrade Program.

AppleCare worth it for Mac Mini (2014)? Have you ever used it?

What about the iPod touch? Should I get it? Mac mini: