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There is also another cloud based app called browser stack. I don't have enough reputation to post a comment on Anirvan's answer which helped me greatly. I'd just like to add that Rey Bango's blog which advocates for security reasons to set Windows Update to automatic causes a problem since IE gets auto-updated as well! MS has created separate auto-blockers for IE 9 through I downloaded all the auto-blocker scripts and created a wrapper to call them on Dropbox.

Probably not as professional as the other answers, but if one just wants to see how IE is rendering the site, the following options are free and work without any heavy installation:. Similar questions were asked in SO here and here , but they are pretty old and the topics are closed. It's even easier than the others, setup is easier, saving state is easier, keyboard-mouse integration is better. Generally its better. Paid software is actually my preference - it gives me some confidence that it will actually be maintained going forward. Plus I'm a developer Seems like a good thing.

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Ask Question. Michael Durrant. Michael Durrant Michael Durrant 8, 16 35 Wine is kind of unfriendly, but I have used PlayOnMac before which greatly improves the user experience. Microsoft now has free Mac virtual machines just for this purpose. In , Microsoft released a free officially-supported solution to help Mac developers test with Internet Explorer versions 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 on Macs: Go to https: Chris W.

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Anirvan Anirvan 1 6 9. Its a shame we need to do this at all, but this is the BEST solution. Great share.

1. Remote IE

For sure I wish we could emulate the browsers, or at least install them side-by-side. Too bad Microsoft has a terrible architecture across the board. On a mac the apps could come bundled with all the libs they need to run. Oh well. And as far as Web Dev Unfortunately, this solution is no longer available. This is achieved by using the freely available VirtualBox software from Oracle, and combining that with free Internet Explorer testing virtual machines from Microsoft Here is the scripts presented in the Article: MrDaniel These instructions are potentially outdated.

Anirvan, I tried that link and it all seems to be about subscription services after free trial.

Test In Internet Explorer IE6 IE7 IE8 IE9 IE10 IE11 | No VMs | BrowserStack

I have step by step instructions at apple. The age old question for web designers… VirtualBox is awesome, but a pain to have multiple versions of Windows taking up space on your hard drive. CajunLuke JamiePatt JamiePatt 3, 2 13 Ah, I remember the days of space being an issue in these decisions. Nowadays my GB drive seems to help quite a lot. Yeah, but all I am looking to use is browsers.

I certainly would not want to use Adobe image manipulation tools through an emulator given the drag-drop and other interactivity issues there would be. It will also allow you local machine access in case you're need to do redirects to a local reverse proxy when you're testing.

Real Internet Explorer

Bottom line Web development can be especially tricky when using a Mac, but thanks to tools like Microsoft's RemoteIE, it's becoming less of a headache. Get our content first.

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7 Ways to Test Your Website on Internet Explorer on a Mac Device

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