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Originally Posted by JTexcel Did you ever find an answer for this? No, I didn't find an answer, unfortunately. I asked Microsoft through their twitter feed they have responded to other questions in the past but received nothing about this.

How to open an XML file as a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel for MacBook Pro?

I'm assuming at this point that it can't be done - to me that makes Excel for Mac pretty much useless. I know this is an old post, but I didn't see any responses to indicate a solution. This is what I found from Microsoft on this issue. The two are quite different. Which, to me, is the stupidest reason ever to leave out a function that pretty much forms the whole basis of an application designed for data analysis and manipulation.

Excel has tools like 'Solver' etc and yet we can't import data from what is probably the most commonly used export format? Microsoft majorly missed the mark on that one.

How to Convert XML to Excel?

In my opinion it makes Excel for Mac almost useless. Originally Posted by digitalformula In my opinion it makes Excel for Mac almost useless. To you, yes. To the vast majority of people that use Excel, it is completely irrelevant. Originally Posted by rorya To you, yes.

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Microsoft obviously thought XML import was of general enough interest that they included it in the Windows version of Excel, so they don't really agree with you. I don't agree with digitalformula that Excel for Mac is "almost useless" without XML import capabilities, but it's a big oversight on Microsoft's part, particularly because most of their enterprise applications speak XML. Also, Mac users tend to be more on the technical side anecdotally; most of the people I know use Windows, but most of the developers I know use Macs , so you'd think the Mac version would be the one to have XML import.

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Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Originally Posted by dave A brief search on the Microsoft support site led to a page that suggested to my reading the Developer tab would be the place to look for this, if it exists. I have some doubt concerning that, as any reference to XML, other than saving files in an XML format, was in articles that did not include Excel for Mac in the 'applies to' list.

Import XML data - Excel

Should a more knowledgable answer not appear here, I'd suggest you might have a better chance at the Microsoft Community site. Dec 7, 6: What is the end goal of your wanting to parse an Excel XML. Just for cell content, or do you want to parse one of the several internal.

Dec 7, 7: I have a.

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XML file and I want to open it in excel in a way that it opens as a spreadsheet with each tag being a column header and having values under it. I am unable to find this functionality in Mac MS Excel.

Import an XML data file as an XML table

Dec 7, You could try the Microsoft's Office for Mac forums. Use the drop-down menu on the left to choose the specific sub-forum.

Excel Import and Export XML - how to Import and Export XML

Dec 8, 6: I don't have Excel for Mac to investigate that angle further. The fastest solution would be to use Windows Excel to open the XML document and save the result as an.

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XLSX document. This capability did not exist in Excel for Mac, and may also be omitted from Excel for Mac. It might be that simple, or not It can be done in Python, and likely with AppleScript too. More Less.