Mac voice over wont turn off

The voice was driving me crazy. I felt so happy and accomplished when I fixed this. I was so confused! OMG a lot of people saying that their cats did it… well count me in!!! Your comment may be held up by our moderation or anti-spam software: You can include some HTML in comments, but including links or web addresses makes it more likely your comment will be delayed by moderation.

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How to Turn Off VoiceOver on iPhone/iPad

If you liked this post, subscribe to our FREE email updates here: My cat stepped on my laptop and I was so confused! My cat stepped on mine too! Glad I found this post! My cat did the same!

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The voiceover was also preventing me from scrolling down! My cat turn voiceover on by accident.

voice over startup problem with high Sierra | AppleVis

It was driving me mad. Thank you! Smart Silly Cats…. Great way to get our attention! How odd. It must be a cat conspiracy because my cat did the very same thing yesterday. Mine was my cat as well. So glad to have a fast fix. Thank u so much u safe me to go apple store. My cat also laid on it and I pressed many buttons, uggg. Oh my heavenly Zues, thank you so, so, so much! Now I can stop pulling out my… if I had any! But just last evening I started listening to Taming The Terminal, which is discussed elsewhere on here.

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It seems rather confusing to this techie but I'm giving it a go. Thanks for the possible workaround. It is easy to do. You can try the terminal fix but be careful. Terminal can fix or damage your system if you are not careful. I have tried cmd-option-p-r command and also the killall commend above but none of them worked If the pram and sac are among the option I have mentioned above, it means that I have tried all the option If the pram and sac were other options, I would be very happy if you could explain how to do it, thanks Hi there.

iPhone 6S / PLUS: How to Disable VoiceOver "Voice Over" Step by Step!!!

I have had the same issue since I've installed High Sierra. Time to time, after booting up or restarting, VoiceOver fails to start working, but I can use Siri and even open iTunes pushing the "Play" button on the keyboard, so the problem is exactly with the screenreader itself. Every time it happens I have to hardly restart my Mac, but sometimes it is needed to restart the machine twice or even thrice to make it working properly. By the way,, when I ask Siri to turn VO on, she says it is already on. Finally I'd just asked my sighted brother to open Activity Monitor and have a look at if there is the VoiceOver process, and he told me that there VoiceOver is, but it "doesn't response".

He had shot this process down and than VoiceOver momently started to work as usual.

Method 2. Using Siri to switch off VoiceOver

So, firstly, we need to know how can we shoot the VO process down by ourselves, and secondly, we have to tell Apple about this problem. Today I had the same problem, not for the first time and I didn't want to restart my mac. After some googling i found this thread and we are allready close to the solution! The iCareFone offers more flexible and faster backup options.

Method 1.

Using Home button shortcut This is the fastest way to disable VoiceOver if you have the Home button triple-click shortcut set up. Method 2.

Primary Menu

Method 3. Method 4. As you already enable VoiceOver, you can operate your iPhone: