Mac makeup brushes and their uses

A must-have for theatrical looks. Designed to fit the contours of the face with ease. MAC Concealer Brush. Particularly good on the under eye area to provide flawless coverage, this brush is precise and practical. The ultimate tool for facial multitasking, use this brush for liquid, cream or powder products.

The MAC Makeup Brush Bible - Lookfantastic

Simply use in the hallows of your cheeks to blend powder and switch over to apply blush and highlighter. The soft fibres are formed into a tapered dome making it ideal for blush application. Also available with a convenient shortened handle making it perfect for travel. Apply in a swirling motion for a subtle wash of colour to the cheeks. Its dense natural fibres allow for fantastic product pick up and they feel luxurious on the skin. The length of the brush is perfect to lightly dust powder onto the skin when you need a subtle wash of colour.

A must-have for the application of bronzer. Its duo-fibre design with a blend of natural and synthetic fibres allows for the perfect application of all Mineralize products. Crafted to hug the planes of the face, the duo fibre bristles allow for the subtle application of liquid, cream and powder formulations. Perfect for any contouring fan.

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The soft and firmly bundled fibres are made with a buffed edge making the blending of powder products easy and seamless. This full, domed shape brush offers ultra-soft bristles and a short, large handle to create a polished and immaculate finish.

MAC Foundation Brushes and Tools

This makes it perfect for the precise application of blush, bronzer or highlight. Use as a spoolie to apply mascara, utilise the spiralled synthetic bristles to separate lashes or even use it to groom the brows. The precise tip allows for easy definition and the blend of synthetic and natural fibres pick up product with ease.

The Ultimate Guide To Makeup Brushes – Different Types And Their Uses

Can be used with any mascara formulation. The fibres are cut at just the right length and density to ensure the smooth application of product to the eye area. The flexibility of the bristles also allow for the application of thicker lines making it a great option for any eyeliner fanatics. Can be used with all formulas for seamless multi-tasking. Check out this guide on 15 different types of makeup brushes and their uses.

We have listed the different types of makeup brushes and their uses below. We have also recommended two well-known brands in each category. The primary function of a foundation brush is to facilitate the smooth application of your base or foundation onto the skin. Using a brush of good quality makes all the difference in the world. Opting for a wrong brush can make you appear cakey and washed over.

A high-quality foundation brush will allow you to blend the foundation out smoothly so that you can buff the product into the skin, giving it the most natural look. How To Apply Foundation on Face ].

[How to] create the "No Makeup" Look with the right TOOLS

This brush is meant to layer on the foundation in a smooth and flawless fashion. It provides full coverage as the brush picks up a good amount of product. This foundation brush by Japonesque has tapered synthetic fibers that provide the perfect amount of pressure for the smooth application of the product over pores, crevices, and lines. The handle is small, which makes it handy and ideal for travel. Back To TOC. A concealer brush is perfect for spot correction. As the name suggests, concealer brushes are used to even out concealers — to make the product look as natural as it can on the skin.

While using a concealer brush, never blend it out.

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  • You should never move the product around, but carefully pat the product onto the skin to conceal the area. The MAC is a brush with flat bristles and a pointed tip. It aids in the application and blending of the concealer. The brush helps you to get to the smallest of the flaws.

    Different Types Of Makeup Brushes

    The bristles in this brush by Sam and Nic Chapman have been precisely cut to target problem areas. It blends all your imperfections smoothly. How To Apply Concealer Perfectly? This is another brush that you can use for your base. While the foundation brush helps you to get the product onto the skin smoothly, the stippling brush gives you an airbrushed look.

    If you carefully observe the brush, you would see that the ends of the brush are very light and feathery when compared to the base. This is an antibacterial, synthetic haired Taklon that can be used for both dry or wet products. This stippling brush by Real Techniques is a dual fiber brush. It contains two types of bristles of different lengths that help you achieve that airbrushed look you long for. Plus, the bristles are so soft, they feel like feathers on your skin. An angled blush brush enables the precise application of the blush.

    The angled shape of the brush allows it to pick up the product and dust it onto the cheeks ever so softly so that it looks natural.

    MAC is making a major change to their makeup brushes

    The brush delivers a smooth, flawless, and high definition finish. It works great with both cream and powder bronzers. The bristles from this brush by E. Use the brush to apply the product onto the apples of your cheeks and sweep it towards the ear. The primary function of a powder brush is to dust your face with loose or compact powder , without making you look like the ghost from The Grudge.

    A good powder brush will allow you to set and touch up your makeup. The Suqqu Face Brush is specially designed to spread the powder evenly on the face. With a brush like this, looking chalky can be avoided.

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    • 8 Must-Have Makeup Brushes.
    • It picks up a good amount of the product and distributes it all over the face, making it look as natural as possible. Because of the soft bristles and short, fat shape, you can use it on your face too! From sponges to stippling brushes, there are many kinds of foundation tools. The problem? Sponges don't always provide an even look like a classic, flat foundation brush does. This one will help you achieve that flawless base without any finger marks!

      It's easy to mix up powder brushes and blusher brushes! Blusher brushes are usually rounder, with a smaller handle and shorter bristles. Use this brush to apply blush to the apples of your cheeks, which you can see easily by smiling! For bronzer , lightly sweep the color around your temples. Powder is crucial because it sets the makeup, which helps it last all day! Swirl this fluffy brush around in your fave powder and buff onto your face.