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There is no Align tool I can find. For me, this is a total non-starter. Apparently, Google owns Vectr? Who the heck wants to have ads running in their app? I went with Graphic a couple of years ago. The primary reason was that I wanted to be able to hand documents off between my Mac and iPad. I use it regularly on both platforms. My Christmas card was mostly done with Graphic. Even the freehand drawings from Procreate get tossed into Graphic for finishing, framing, titles, and such.

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I often do the lettering for my cartoons in Graphic, Graphic reminds me of Canvas in its ability to adjust text. They are pretty good and certainly cheaper than Illustrator.

There really is a lot to love about Graphic, especially at such an attractive price point. A proper vector editor first and foremost, Graphic excels where Pixelmator falls short.

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Affinity claims to have the best Photoshop. AI Illustrator format , Freehand and. EPS file formats to boot. You can even use raster-style effects for the best of both worlds. The most expensive product on this list, Sketch bills itself as a professional vector program for designers. Import from. Alchemy is a bit of a wildcard. Various modules allow you to interact with the canvas in unorthodox ways: Requires the Java Runtime Environment to work, allows export to vector format for further tweaking.

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Experimental and fun. Explore more about: Your email address will not be published. Boxsvg is not free anymore. I like it most of the time but quite slow because it's on xquartz I guess.. Now it seems I can try others. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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So I came looking for an app to import ai and export as pdf or svg, to be imported into Sketch.. Create, by Andrew Stone, was pretty good I've used.

It's obvious the author is Canadian; which means he's funny and he owns a lot of coats. Sounds like I have a couple of free options for vector software. Glad I found this article. Canvas Draw is back!!! You forgot the Illustrator-Killer-App: Affinity Designer. Would you stop with the "Illustrator Killer" nonsense!? You simply can't replace a program that has been around over 20 years with a "new kid on the block" app that has been developed in a year, poorly implemented, has vague features, and tons of bugs. That alone makes Sketch one of the best options on this list..

And budget isn't even any factor in this choice making. Good to see that healthy competition is seeing a shift in Adobe's monopoly.

Vectors, Eh?

Out of interest, what other factors are there beyond budget for opting for Sketch? It seems like the primary motivator for those who don't mind a decent initial investment to own the product outright, rather than Adobe's current model which could add up to far more money in the long run.

Your article is misleading. I found only after the purchase, Pixelmator does not support import or export of vector images. I located 2 very long threads on their support blog of many angry customers that made the same mistake as me or almost made it and there is absolutely no response from Pixelmator support to any of the blog posts dating back more than 3 years.

I do not recommend this app! Thanks for a great list! And you might consider updating this article, now that Serif has Affinity Photos available for beta-testing. I have Adobe CS5. I've had iDraw for over a year and it's my go to for doing a quick logo or simple drawing. Because it doesn't have the extras like Photoshop and Illustrator special effects, it loads faster than Illustrator so I can get to work sooner.

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It's also got some cool features for those who develop apps for for iOS. I found the PDF User Guide to be instructive for not only using the software, but for those who've never used a vector creation app or with limited knowledge or use, the User Guide educates about vectors vs. I've gotten free updates to iDraw since I purchased it, and these have made the software easier to use, and added functionality. I intend to get Pixelmator and possibly the Affinity apps. I'm currently beta-testing Affinity Photos; and while it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of Photoshop, I don't want or need all of those bells and whistles.

That's a big ole FAIL: I was similarly disappointed.

However, on closer inspection, it actually does kinda do vector editing. And it rasterises even when exporting to PDF. Still deserves the FAIL, of course, but just wanna say you might find it capable of at least some of the vector work you want to do. I am doing graphic design and produce artwork that can be translated to end product.

Vector editing software for designers whose budget won't run to Adobe Illustrator