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What, they now clamor, if we all we ever do is rely on that feature, instead of ever adding someone to the address book? How do we export that list of people we have sent emails to? Easy, right? There are a variety of fancy-pants methods for getting that done, which are ably covered here and here.

On Windows assuming you are using Outlook, and instructions largely borrowed from SuperUser. Open the output file using Excel and remove duplicates. Because the internet needed another blog.

Exporting Previous Recipients from Mail. Share this: Main Site Services Contact. The following one-step workflow harnesses this ability to extract email addresses from a Mail message and place that information in a new TextEdit document.

Copy the Email Addresses from a Message in Mac Mail

Note that this workflow works only in Lion, not in earlier versions of the Mac OS. Save your workflow with a name such as Extract Email Address. Set up this workflow to extract, and save separately, important email addresses you encounter in your Mail messages. Any email addresses embedded in the body of the message but not any addresses in the header will be copied and then pasted into a TextEdit document.

Copy the Email Addresses from a Message in Mac Mail

The Service Receives Selected pop-up menu includes not only the option to extract email addresses but also a host of other items including URLs, dates, physical addresses, and phone numbers, so you can modify this workflow to collect other kinds of data too. For example, if you want to suck all the links out of an email message, choose URLs.

If you configure the top of the window to read Service Receives Selected Email Addresses in Any Application, you can invoke it wherever data detectors can be found.

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  • If you find this workflow useful and intend to employ it on a regular basis, assign a keyboard shortcut to it.