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Offers a number of sorting options, including name, date last opened, size, and tags. In addition, if Arrange By is set to none, you can use Sort By to force icons to snap to an invisible grid. Icon size: Use this slider to reduce or enlarge the icon size. Label Position: Show Item Info: Selecting this option will display additional information about an object, such as the size of an image in pixels, the number of items in a folder, or the length of an audio or video track.

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Show Icon Preview: Show Library Folder: Selecting this option will allow the normally invisible user library folder to be displayed. Icon view has a few special features lacking in other views. The first is flexibility; you can arrange the icons any which way you like.

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This is similar to how a real desktop behaves, allowing you to pile items around the desktop anywhere you want. You can use the option to color the background to make one or more folders more easily identifiable. If you need a bit of guidance to keep the window or desktop a bit less cluttered, you can enable snapping to the grid, or occasionally issue a cleanup command that will temporarily rearrange the icons so they line up to the invisible grid.

To do this, select View, Clean Up from the Finder menu. In addition, icons give you a hint as to what is contained within each item. This is especially true if you have turned on the icon preview option mentioned above.

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Window view options are set on a per folder basis, allowing each folder to have its own set of options. Use the color or background picture option in Icon view to make a folder you access often stand out from others.

List View List view may be the most popular of the Finder views. Some people prefer Icon view; I tend to use List view a lot.


To set the current Finder window to List view, select View, as List from the Finder menu, or use the Finder toolbar to select the second button it looks like a page with lines in the View group. List view can be accessed using the List view button in the toolbar, here outlined in red. List view is compact, displaying each item in the window as an entry in a list. Think of a spreadsheet with rows and columns. Actually, there are a number of column types you can have displayed in list view, which brings us to how to customize the list view.

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Some List view options may not be available for all folders, such as iCloud Status, which is used with the iCloud Drive folder. This column displays an iCloud status icon indicating whether the file or folder is only in iCloud and you need Internet access to see its content a cloud with an arrow pointing down ; not eligible to be stored in iCloud a cloud icon with a prohibition slash ; downloaded and up to date a cloud icon ; waiting to upload a dotted cloud ; and out of space a cloud with an exclamation point. The iCloud status column is only available when using the iCloud storage service.

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This might vary with the screen resolution - my screen is x Servers Enterprise Speciality level out of ten: I know you mean "Erase and Install". But yes, you can delete the com. Infinitely faster and easier than reinstalling the OS and applications.

What is the default icon size and grid space for MacBook Pro retina 15"

Loading page content. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. One last question Delete the 'plist' maybe - is that even a good idea? Guessing a clean install which I may be doing soon anyway would get rid of the View Options. Any other ways people know of get Finder View Options back to default?

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Thanks in Advance. Note that if you take this same action in a Mac folder right-clicking and selecting the Show View Options menu item you'll also see this Mac folder option:. You don't see that option when modifying your Desktop font size because you can change your Desktop background through another menu item after you right-click on the Desktop. I hope this Mac Desktop font size and icon size tip has been helpful. As usual, if you have any questions or comments, just leave a note in the Comments section below. Mac Desktop font size and icon size. By Alvin Alexander. Last updated: June 3