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Duet Display

Maestro 2 offers fine control over the device, including mixer controls and the ability to configure the two touchpads on the top panel. Apogee's documentation states it also works on iPod Touch and iPhone. Getting started. Here's the basic specifications for the Duet: Size including control knob: Mac and Ableton Live. Over , people receive our email newsletter See the stories that matter in your inbox every morning Your Email. No thanks. Latest in Music. Zoom's latest guitar interface puts tiny tone power in your pocket.

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Highlights from the floor of the Chicago Auto Show. But if you want or need a high-speed connection to your iOS display, Duet Display has the speed you desire.

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Click the gear icon to reach the only two configurable options frame rate and image quality. Unlike its competitors, Duet Display works only over a wired pin dock connector or Lightning connection.

Mac and Ableton Live

When you first launch Duet Display, it installs a video driver, which requires a restart of the host Mac. How fast? That troublesome web video? It plays smoothly, and keeps playing while you drag the window around. Duet Display offers only two options via its menu bar interface for your iOS display: In retina mode, the display is crisp and sharp. Those two options also reveal my only real complaint about Duet Display as of today—it can be a real CPU hog. Nothing complicated, just pristine input and output.

I am very impressed in a good way with this product. Yes, expensive, but my oh my, very perceivable upgrade from the Saffire.

Apogee Duet for iPad & Mac

Sound is clear, accurate a detailed. One of my best audio purchases ever!! Castagnetti From Amazon. Everything about it is amazing. The preamps are super clean and sound awesome when you drive them hard with the soft limit on. Def the best small interface I have ever owned. This badboy is going to be part of my mobile rig for a long time to come. What a difference! If you are on the fence about spending the extra hundreds I strongly suggest you find a way to make it happen. After 4 months of daily use I have yet to encounter any of the issues I was initially concerned about such as weak drivers, connection breaks, or the lack of inputs.

With this interface I feel like I may be set for years to come. John from Southern California From Sweetwater.

Customer Reviews - Duet for iPad & Mac - Apogee Electronics

It excels at both. I Also use it to rip vinyl into high resolution digital files. Super clean recording.

Audio Nirvana!!!

No buzzing like with my beginner level interfaces of the past. The instruments come alive now and punch me in the guts. Love this thing.. So, I decided to check out Apogee. I was beyond impressed and completely blown away by the quality of the The Apogee Duet for iPad and Mac. First of all, it is build solidly and the construction is second-to-none.

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The ease of use with the front display is remarkable, and the Maestro 2 software is wonderful to navigate.