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I do remember being there for the shoot and donating my lacy shorts. It was a lot of fun as you can imagine with Mick being Mick and Amy being there too.

The Wacky: The first, for Mr. Wonderful , is a classic fake-out, cleverly utilizing the physical construction of a gatefold sleeve. But flipping out the jacket reveals a more disturbing, arguably funnier, scene: He was just weird. The guy was just.


Fleetwood Mac [1968]

He was an extremely clever photographer and a great artist. Whatever artwork that is available is quite highly sought after. Terence would come up with the most daft ideas, some of which were just vulgar to the point of being irresponsible and unusable. But sometimes he came up with extraordinary pictures.

The picture of Mick on the double-fold of Mr. Wonderful was extraordinary.

Mick Fleetwood Was A Military Brat

No one, possibly not even Ibbott himself, knows the exact thinking behind the shot. But Vernon, as good a source for this kind of hypothesizing as anyone, has a strong theory.

Fleetwood Mac Takes the Stage with "The Chain"

In the Elizabethan period, they would have their cheeks blushed slightly. They would wear very silky, fancy gowns and dresses and would carry flowers, probably roses, and be bouncing around in the fields among daffodils and spring flowers. And what you end up getting is Mick Fleetwood. The Bold: It was the perfect combination: They were exceedingly direct about that. They left no wiggle room for later reprisals. Then the arduous process began. First, Odgers scouted the city for potential shooting locations.

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Then he waited. For an excruciatingly long time. And then nothing.

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It would be a no-show: At a point, I began to wonder if I was ever going to photograph Fleetwood Mac at all. No more scouting around—I was done with that. Founding member Mick Fleetwood has been there through all the lineups. The record went on to sell another 20 million copies from to He ended up moving in with his sister in London and taking gigs wherever he could find them.

Obviously that tough decision to leave school paid off! In , the cover version by Dixie Chicks hit No. Getty Images Dia Dipasupil. It would be another four years before the lineup reunited and toured again. In , shortly after the band began its first tour of America, Spencer abruptly quit to join a religious cult called the Children of God. Fleetwood could not convince him to rejoin. Songwriter Lindsey Buckingham experimented greatly with the track, wanting to incorporate various sounds in its recording.

He played drums on a box of tissues and that sound ended up on the final record. Also on the final track was the sound of Mick Fleetwood banging on a lamb chop with a spatula.

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Who knew? At two different periods, the members of Fleetwood Mac actually lived together in a single house. The band also spent several months living together in the English countryside in , which John McVie later said consisted of only a couple weeks of actual work. That house was nicknamed Kiln House, which is where they got the title for their album. While the new Fleetwood Mac clicked as a musical unit, the personal relationships between various members of the band were falling apart — Christine and John McVie's marriage was nearing its end, and Buckingham and Nicks were close to breaking up before they joined the lineup.

Over time, both couples' demise would form a key component of the group's legacy and help inspire their best-selling album , but in the short term, that air of uncertainty fueled a number of future classics. One example is the Nicks composition "Landslide," which, as she explained to Performing Songwriter , she wrote during a trip to Colorado when Buckingham was rehearsing for a possible project with Don Everly. And it was horrifying to Lindsey and I," she laughed, "because we had a taste of the big time, we recorded in a big studio, we met famous people, we made what we consider to be a brilliant record and nobody liked it [ I am tired.

Fleetwood Mac Facts You Never Knew

If nobody likes this, then what are we going to do? Nicks also contributed "Rhiannon," which she wrote shortly before joining Fleetwood Mac after reading Mary Leader's novel Triad. The book's story incorporates elements of the Welsh legend of Rhiannon, which Nicks unwittingly wove into the song even though, by her own admission, she didn't really know about it until much later. That sort of creative serendipity seemed to surround the sessions for the new album, which wrapped in the spring of Simply titled Fleetwood Mac to reflect the reinvigorated band's renewed sense of purpose, it arrived in stores July 11, — and although sales started slowly, and never really took off in the group's native U.

We kicked that album in the ass. That effort eventually paid off in spades. In September , over a year after its release, Fleetwood Mac topped the album charts, selling more than five million copies along the way. For the group's longtime rhythm section, Fleetwood Mac 's success was a sweet reward for years of grueling — and often futile-seeming — work.

Perseverance and work kept Fleetwood Mac together and a lot of people before us gave up, sayin' 'This isn't worth it.