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Easiest torrent search, ever.

Xtorrent is an advanced torrent client that has been in development for several months. It aims to bring a friendly interface and powerful features to the world of BitTorrent. Version 2. Requirements for Xtorrent OS X Similar Software. No similar apps have been recommended yet. You can add your suggestions to the right. App Name.

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Smile Score. Suggest other similar software suggested. It's now even easier to manage your downloads with the addition of a straightforward download queue.

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It's easy to use - just tell Xtorrent how many simultaneous downloads to allow and the app takes care of the rest. Newly added inline controls make it easy to pause, resume downloads, and override the queue if you so desire. Superfast in bit. Xtorrent is indie software.

Your support is essential. Buy Xtorrent Pro for unlimited download speeds.

Visual Design by David Watanabe. All sales are final. Easiest torrent search, ever. Enter some keywords and your computer instantly queries web search engines like Google and Bing, and open license media sites like clearbits, LegitTorrents, and bt. It's that simple. The app is free to download and use but if you want to download torrents at a normal speed you'll have to purchase a paid version.

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It is light on system, absolutely free and downloads at normal speeds. There are no ads in this app and one can stream torrents directly from the app. BitTorrent is compatible with Windows, Mac and Android. The app is available in multiple languages. Vuze is a neat torrent opener Mac OS X offering plentiful of features.

Torrent search is available directly from the app too. A really nice feature is a Web Remote that lets you manage torrent downloads from a remote location. Vuze can play downloaded media and you have a possibility of playback from device connected to your Mac. With the subscription feature you can automatically find torrents that are similar to those you have subscribed to.

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Deluge is pretty complex and heavy weight so the usability is not the best. But it supports a variety of plugins, which can be interesting for advanced users. Deluge combines the traits of a usual desktop app and a client server. It also has 3 main user interfaces: If you think that we forgot to cover a really worthy torrent client just mention it in comments below!

A BitTorrent client is an app used for peer-to-peer file sharing using the BitTorrent protocol. Such a program can prepare, request, and transmit any type of computer files over a network with the help of BitTorrent protocol. Computer with a running instance of a client app is considered a peer, hence peer-to-peer connection.

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To share an initial file, a small file with a "torrent" extension is created on a peer machine. The torrent file contains metadata about the shared files and about the tracker , the computer coordinating distribution.