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The apps only count down days on which you actually launch and use them, so you can take your time getting a feel for things. More info below.

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If you no longer have access to the email address you used to purchase your license, send us a message and we can assist. For this magic button to work, you will need to have already downloaded and installed the demo version, and launched it at least once.

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To enter your serial number manually, click Purchase in the menu bar, choose Unlock , then type or paste in your serial number. Applications purchased in the Mac App Store use your Apple ID to keep track of licensing, and no serial numbers are issued. Contact Apple with questions about downloading and installing applications purchased in the Mac App Store.

Special note for Coda 2 users: If you purchased Coda from the Mac App Store, you will need to migrate your license to get continued updates and support.

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First, download and install Coda 2. Launch Coda 2.

Now download and install the latest version of Coda from our website, and follow the prompts. This sort of addition reenforces the idea that Coda is made for me and developers like me.

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The sidebar has been rethought for the better. It used to be split, with a perpetual file list above and most other options code help, shared documents in a smaller space below. Now it is a single, fully adjustable pane. The black floating SVN window which I was never a fan of can be there, now feeling a full part of the app.

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The code helper can be there, having a lot more room to display, rather than the cramped single line in Coda 1. The file can be there, but more importantly, can also not be there. Overall, Coda 2 is the development application I fell in love with peppered with great updates. I'm still discovering little additions that I can now not imagine not having.

Now, since this is the launch of the app, it is expected there will be a couple hiccups. None of these are critical, and they haven't stopped me from making Coda 2 my default editor already. It might sound silly to be this passionate about what application I use to build in, but when you love your work, its hard not to love how you work.

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The data is there, but its disconcerting to see it blank. On the site list, it would be fantastic if I could click or shift-click on something on the root URL to open it in a browser. Sometimes, the site list will just "forget" my SVN username and password.

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I also purchased Diet Coda , and I'm hoping our iCloud-synced site list will eventually be available on it. When I shrink the toolbar to text-only mode, the already-small favicons the app uses for the Sites tab are sized down to the point of being almost incomprehesible. When the toolbar is larger and using the icons, I find the Files icon looks too much like the white-backgrounded code icons of all the other tabs.