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The company is still deep on the ropes with respect to their Windows 10 Mobile smartphone effort but making significant strides in these other core computing technologies will undoubtedly generate momentum across the MSFT product stack. And here's a bit more about me. Feb 29, , PC then announces that he's going to crash and falls backward onto the floor. Wall Street Journal. PC then claims that he also received a great review but is flummoxed when Mac asks for details.

Out of the Box. June Mac and PC, still in their boxes, talk about what they'll do when they get unpacked. Mac says he'll get started right away, but PC, who's doing exercises, is held up by tedious startup tasks.

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Mac hops away, leaving PC waiting for other parts of himself that are in other boxes. PC listens intently, then moronically misuses the word again. Work vs. Mac says he enjoys doing fun stuff like podcasts and movies. PC says he also does fun stuff, like spreadsheets and pie charts.

The two famous actors personify the computers they portray as well as resemble the two founding creators of both companies, a chubbier Bill Gates for Microsoft and a younger Steve Jobs for Apple. Long is the young, better looking, easy going character that is supposed to represent MAC products as being easier to use and much more user friendly.

Hodgeman is seen in this commercial as being very dorky looking, up tight, with an overall boring appearance. Apple created this campaign in order to raise sales and take out the biggest competitor they have, Microsoft. To create this advertising campaign, the advertiser Apple Inc. As well as airing in the United States, this advertisement campaign was also seen overseas, such as by audiences in Japan, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany. However, after these advertisements starting airing overseas in places such as the UK and Japan, respect for the Apple brand fell almost immediately.

When picking the starring actors in this campaign, there is a clear depiction on who Apple is trying to reach in its audience. In these commercials, Long is also always dressed casually as well as having an easy-going personality.

Hey Apple, What Happened to Mac vs. PC?

Renee C. Quinn, a journalist on IPWatchog with a B. Long qualified as fulfilling both of those tasks by having a moderate, conversational tone as well as being a young, white male who despite given his ethnicity and age, can actually appeal to a broader range of the population due to how approachable he comes off as.

The success of an ad campaign is often measured by its longevity.

Beginning in May of , and ending in , the campaign consisted of a whopping 66 commercials. It would hard to conclude that the success of Apple during this period happened by chance. These commercials aired during a time of tremendous growth in Mac sales. Additionally, according to IDC, a technology industry research firm, as a result of this campaign launched by Apple, their share of the computer desktop market in the United States has more than doubled.

A Look Back at Steve Jobs and Apple's 'Get a Mac' Ads

A campaign that screams such bold statements is sure to start an internet swirl of feedback. On the contrary, PC users stated their case where they believed Apple was egregiously wrong. It shows the PC covered in stickers. Kids have these wild imaginations, blogs, movies, and pictures they like doing. Overall, the media certainly liked this campaign and thought the ads were positive and effective for Apple. Years and years later Microsoft struck back very similarly with their strategy in their Windows Tablet vs.