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Be patient and wait with your iMac order. The Mac mini was lastly upgraded by Apple on the 7th November An upgrade of the Mac Pro is days overdue.

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Be patient and wait with your Mac Pro order. The iPad Pro was lastly upgraded by Apple on the 7th November The iPad was lastly upgraded by Apple on the 27th March An upgrade of the iPad mini is days overdue.

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Be patient and wait with your iPad mini order. An upgrade of the iPod shuffle is days overdue. Be patient and wait with your iPod shuffle order.

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An upgrade of the iPod nano is days overdue. Be patient and wait with your iPod nano order. An upgrade of the iPod touch is days overdue.

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Be patient and wait with your iPod touch order. An upgrade for the iPod is way overdue.

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Maybe the iPod is discontinued. Therefore we can't tell you an advice here. An upgrade for the Apple TV is expected to arrive in the next 20th June days. This time around, Boger was succinct: This is why Apple wants to be as explicit as possible now, so that if institutional buyers or other large customers are waiting to spend budget on, say iMac Pros or other machines, they should pull the trigger without worry that a Mac Pro might appear late in the purchasing year. In that discussion a year ago, Apple SVP Phil Schiller acknowledged that pro customers, including developers, were hungry for evidence that Apple was paying attention to their needs.

And so we want to communicate better with them.

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The group is under John Ternus and works closely with the engineering organization. So one thing you have to do is we need to be engaging with the customers to really understand their needs. But look at everything holistically.

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As you can imagine, taking those unreleased and highly secret compositions to Apple to play with on their machines can be a sticking point. So Apple decided to go a step further and just begin hiring these creatives directly into Apple. Some of them on a contract basis but many full-time, as well. These are award-winning artists and technicians that are brought in to shoot real projects I saw a bunch of them walking by in Apple Park toting kit for an on-premise outdoor shoot.

They then put the hardware and software through their paces and point out sticking points that could cause frustration and friction among pro users. Ternus says that they wanted to start focused, then grow the team and disciplines over time. What are the pain points. How can we improve things. And then we take this information where we find it and we go into our architecture team and our performance architects and really drill down and figure out where is the bottleneck.

Is it the OS, is it in the drivers, is it in the application, is it in the silicon, and then run it to ground to get it fixed. This information has allowed Apple to make machines like the iMac Pro more performant, but also to enable creative users to stay in their flow and keep them moving forward.

From personal experience, I can say that the times I felt most frustrated as a professional photographer using a Mac are when I had to wait.

An in-depth analysis of how workflow is affected by the whole stack of hardware and software has, Ternus says, helped them to really understand the pain points. Third-party relationships on this are very important to them and the workflow team is helping to fix their problems faster too. To be blunt: While there are no further details on the exact shape that the Mac Pro will take, Boger says they are still very much in the modular mindset.

There is absolutely a need in certain places for modularity.

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What shape that modularity takes is another matter entirely, of course. I know some people have been pining for the days of internal expansion card configurations with standardized hardware — and maybe that is the way that this will go. But on Tuesday I also got a tour of the editing suites where Mac hardware and software is pushed to the limits, including extensive use of eGPU support, and a different vision emerges.