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Lisa to Macintosh Migration Tools Lisa Office System 3. La magia de aprender a leer 1. Most popular search terms 1 stuffit. Thanks again!! Finale Requires Mac OS X v And which version of Mac OS?

StuffIt 1. Disc v1. To date, Macintosh Repository served old Mac files, totaling more than Vintage Lisa and Mac software. A few classic tools by Dejal Systems, now freeware. A modest collection for Classic Macs at this French site. Shareware, freeware, demos of software by YAV. Scans of vintage Mac books from the 80s, 90s and some s.


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Some classic Mac software, mostly from Links to HC stacks, code and info. Some links now dead. An archive of HyperCard items from various sources. Driver Museum. Lisa info. Updaters for Steinberg's music software back catalogue. Disk images from mid-'80s to late '90s. A mirror of numerous servers of vintage Mac software. Info-Mac Archive Once the major site for Mac freeware and shareware. Once another "go to" site for freeware and shareware. A very small selection of Mac software. A subset of Info-Mac files with inline descriptions.

A large collection. Includes software for OS X as well. A very large collection including an info-mac mirror. Focus on internet applications.

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No longer being updated. System 6 compatible software and information. Many dead links. System 7 compatible software and information. A selection of freeware and shareware. No longer updated. Freeware and shareware. Most links are dead now. A good selection of freeware and shareware with descriptions. Selected freeware, shareware and information for 68k Macs.

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Some applications and lots of information for 68k Macs. A small selection of software for 68k Macs. A small vintage shareware collection. Freeware games by Epic Banana. Collection of games in the Glypha series. Apple Software Updates including Mac systems 6. Previously freely accessible but no longer available from Apple. Legacy programming development documents.

Mirror of ftp. Software updaters for Mac OS 9 or above. Updates for Classic Mac OS. A mirror for the period via Wayback Machine. Useful software mirrors and articles for the 68k Mac. Utilities by Carl Bell at Baylor University. PD and shareware mathematics software for the Macintosh. Mac freeware, source code, and articles by James W.

Freeware programs for the classic Mac by A. Vintage communication, system and graphics tools.

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  • Vintage communication, system and educational software. Some old Mac games, and a few more recent ones, in the genre.

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    • Mac OS 9 for OS X/macOS.
    • Mac OS 9: Some Love for the Classics!.
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    • Emulators on Macintosh. An archive of old versions of Mac freeware. Finally, if you want to get really retro, there are apps written back when Macs used the Motorola series of processors, before even the PowerPC chips. These models ran System 7 and earlier. Modern Macs have so much more computing power than these that you can run a faithful emulation of System 7 using JavaScript in your web browser.

      Think of this as a more convenient way to access the software on an old Mac you already own, rather than a way of getting a whole extra virtual computer. Basilisk II can emulate a Macintosh Classic or a Macintosh II, and it can theoretically run operating systems all the way back to version 1. In practice, System 6 is usually the furthest back you need to go. Current page: How to run old software on your Mac.