Ilok error pro tools 10 mac

Missing iLok Authorization for PT 10 and Avid MC6 on MAC OS X Lion

I'm a mac user and I've tried a few things that are meant to fix this problem for those using windows. I think, at the beginning of one forum, http: When you go to contact them they make it very clear they don't want to hear from you. So I'm begging It's been nearly a week with no Pro Tools! If anyone can help, I'll take you through what I've done I have a practically brand new iMac which is ONLY used for recording, and installed pro tools 10 bought a boxed pro tools 10 no upgrade or anything. I installed it all correctly with all the right drivers and latest upgrades.

Yes, ALL of them. I first set it up with a Line6 UX8 and then that interface stuffed up so I went back to my trusty old Still, all was well with Pro Tools. Then I got the error message out of the blue about 3 weeks after installing Pro Tools Didn't know where to start so the first thing I tried was downloading the client and driver installers for mac from the iLok website. It says in the guide, "If you bought a new boxed version of pro tools, it comes with a pre authorized iLok.

You can skip this section and proceed with 'installing pro tools software' on page 6". Because Avid instructed me to do this, I did it. I have a feeling this may have contributed to my problem. Anyway, I created an account which didn't get me anywhere, AND you know how if your iLok is plugged in and works, then it should show up under the "My licences" section or the "My iLok" section on the website. Well, even though all correct stuff was installed, my ilok could not be read.

So then I uninstalled that crap and downloaded the PACE version because someone said it worked better for whatever reason. Just more wasted time. So then I uninstalled the PACE stuff and did a clean reinstall of the Pro Tools software this worked for 1 mac user i think , and reinstalled all necessary drivers and turned bluetooth off this also worked for 1 mac user. All that happened was my keyboard and mouse stopped working! I know what your thinking and, yes, I did feel like an idiot! Because this is the state in which everything was working correctly when I first started out.

I just got this lovely little error Required software is missing or not running. Please reinstall the product, or download and run the driver installer here: Anyway, I don't want to keep downloading stuff and installing stuff and uninstalling it, because it's getting to the point where I'm making a mess. I've given this my best shot and got nowhere! Oh well There are a lot of great things about Pro Tools 10, but that does me no good when your product was designed with a great number of flaws and, due to one of these flaws, it does not function at all!

And you guys don't even offer adequate support for those of us who actually pay for your product.

Missing iLok Authorization for PT 10 and Avid MC6 on MAC OS X Lion : Avid Media Composer

I am going to stop here because the only words I have left for you rhyme with "duck poo". Tech support from the store that I bought if from won't happen, because I work there. Hello, Sorry to find you have such a problem. Honestly I've never had this problem, but I would suggest install iLok drivers 2 drivers actually and check again if it's recognized correctly.

If so you must see all your licenses on their site. If no maybe the problem is in the iLok itself. Also try it on another computer just to be sure where the problem is. If it's in your iLok then it should be replaced. Wish you luck! Thanks yamahadrums! On the iLok website I downloaded 2 items, a client installer and a driver installer. I couldn't find more than 1 item to download on the PACE site. I could be missing something obvious though Anyway, I tried again as you said and gave it a go on my PC as well. Still couldn't read the ilok.

It was a good idea testing it on another computer though. I used Google Chrome and tried Explorer as well. Your right, it could be the ilok.

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But it seems to be working? Lights up and everything. And on PC it does come up with some message that says something like theres an unknown device it doesn't know how to read That is before iLok drivers are installed. Not sure though.

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Thanks anyway. Yes, obviously you downloaded what you had to. PACE driver is only one. The fact that the iLok is not recognized on second machine tells that it is more likely iLok problem. I'm really hoping it's not a problem with the iLok because if anyone wants any support from iLok they have to agree to this Before continuing with the RMA process, please read and understand the consequences of your selection: The RMA process is irreversible.

You agree that the iLok nominated for RMA will not be used in the future. It may take up to two business weeks for us to process your RMA. Once the RMA process has started, it is irreversible. This means that you must send your iLok to us, even if it starts working again. We will automatically provide your contact information including your name, account ID, and e-mail address , plus details regarding the replacement process to the software companies associated with the lost licenses. Exponential Audio recently announced that their Stereo Classic family of plug-ins - PhoenixVerb, R2, M7Control and Excalibur have now been expanded to include machine-based licensing in addition to conventional iLok licensing.

We also cover how to change from iLok licensing to machine-based licensing and the pro and cons of machine-based and iLok based licensing. Avid announced that they plan to offer iLok Network license support back in January , but Sounds In Sync have gone one stage further and are now actually offering iLok Network Licenses for all their own products.

This tutorial is about is how to run Pro Tools without a physical iLok. With the release of Pro Tools Please be aware that this article will be updated as the information and compatibility status changes. The creators of the iLok have asked us to help them conduct this simple survey about the new iLok Cloud.

Your feedback will help them determine how to cover their costs while being able to make the iLok Cloud as accessible as possible. As an incentive, ten people who take part in the survey will be chosen at random to receive a free limited edition rose gold iLok. PACE has updated iLok License Manager ready for the iLok Cloud, but we recommend that you read this article before you update iLok License manager as it can appear as if all your licenses on your iLok have disappeared after updating to iLok License Manager v4. Don't worry, it's a simple fix and all the details are in this article.

With iLok Cloud, software publishers can offer their users quick and easy access to their licenses from any computer with an Internet connection. The current issue is getting an Authorization Exception message. The simple fix is to make sure you are on the latest version of the iLok License Manager. Your iLok can be worth more than it's weight in gold if you have a lot of software licenses on it. Looking after it and protecting it should be a high priority but we so often don't give it a second glance. In this article, we are going to look at a number of options to consider.

In this article, we are going to cover some of the other iLok related problems that can crop up. In this article, we are going to take a look at what you should do if an iLok is broken, lost or stolen. Since , the iLok License Manager software has been at the core of how we manage the iLok licenses, that protect a lot of the software we buy. This article and the video from Avid cover how to use the iLok License Manager software to manage for iLok licenses.

If you have never used an iLok before you will need to buy an iLok, create a free iLok account and transfer the iLok license onto your iLok or computer. Existing Pro Tools owners with Pro Tools 9 and above will have had to set up an iLok account and own an iLok as the Pro Tools Software is protected by an iLok license that is required to be on an iLok license. New Pro Tools owners and anyone that hasn't got an iLok are advised to follow the instructions in this guide.

This guide will also help if you have received an activation code from a software publisher. Its half the size of an iLok2, its twice as fast as the iLok2 and can hold 3 times as many licenses as the second generation iLok. Got Pro Tools installed on more than one computer? Want to be able to use your Pro Tools anywhere in the world, even if you've left you iLok behind? Alan Sallabank takes a look at the VirtualHere Server. Anyone who opens their iLok License Manager, as I did this morning, should be presented with this rather unfriendly warning that you need to update your License manager software.

iLok License Manager - How To Move Licenses Between iLoks and Your iLok Account

Community member Michael Boettcher wrote to us to tell us about his experience of Ebay problems when buying iLok licences. We test a lot of gear, that includes hardware and it also includes more than one Mac. Right now I have a Mac Pro running El Capitan and a Mac Mini running Pro Tools on Yosemite for testing which I have to jump between, so I wanted to find a solution that gave me the greatest flexibility with the minimum of pain.

A few things needed addressing, screen, keyboard and mouse sharing, audio and MIDI input and also plug-in licences, this is the solution I came up with. Community member Nathan Ruyle has reached out to us asking if we would share his experiences after buying an iLok protected plug-in on line..