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All the toning, vignetting and edge effect controls are located in the Finishing Adjustments section. You can select from a range of traditional toning effects to apply and then adjust it to your satisfaction. As well as the strength of the toning, you can change the silver hue and tone strength as well as the paper hue and tone. The first applies the effect just as you see it.

Helpfully, the effect is applied as a layer so you can adjust the opacity and paint it in or out if you like.

Simply use the Photoshop Brush controls to paint in or erase the effect on your image. Its strength is the ease with which it allows complex adjustments to be made. I tend to use the Film Types as the starting point and then adjust the image until it looks as I want it to. I then create a Custom Preset so I can apply it to other images. As the effect is applied as a layer, you have an extra level of control. Interestingly, DxO has done lots of research into film emulsions to enable it to replicate the appearance of a traditional film with its FilmPack software.

As well as reproducing the sharpness and contrast characteristics, DxO FilmPack can mimic the distribution, size and shape of the grain. Nik Collection Analog Efex Pro 2.

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The aim is to produce an image that looks like it has been captured with an old camera. You can even as scratches and dust marks if you want. The starting point is the is to pick from a series of thumbnails on the left of the screen to apply a preset treatment to your image. Actually, some of these effects are probably best described as faults — Lens Distortion, Light Leaks, Dirt and Scratches etc.

Selecting one applies a basic treatment to your image, but you can tailor and refine it using the controls on the elft of the screen. Bokeh, for example, allows you to position a target over the area that you want to be sharp. You can also specify the size of the graduation between the sharp and blurred areas. Each effect reveals a different set of controls. The parameters available under these Control Points varies depending upon the effect.

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And of course, just like Silver Efex, Analog Efex applies its effects as a layer. Analog Efex Pro 2. It also produces some interesting, effective results. Meanwhile, areas of uniform tone can take or demand a heavier-handed approach. With the image below, which was shot at ISO ,, the bricks need less noise reduction applying than the car and the lighter door.

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Like the other plugins in Nik Collection, you can add Control Points to apply different levels of noise reduction to different parts of the image. As usual, just select the Control Point option with the Reduce tab selected and then use the sliders to control the level of contrast and colour noise. However, I find it faster and easier to apply a blanket treatment and then paint it onto the image. When the Measure tab is selected, the drop-down box next to Method can be set to Manual or Automatic.

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The Automatic option can work well. It usually looks at the highlights, shadows and mid-tones.

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The selected areas are highlighted on the image. If you like, you can drag these selection boxes to the areas you consider the most important. If you do this, the Method drop-down option switches to Manual. You can also resize the boxes if necessary. Dfine will then measure the noise and apply a noise reduction algorithm. This can be tweaked using the sliding controls and Control Points found in the Reduce section.

I like to use the Brush as it creates a mask and you can quickly switch between painting in the effect or erasing it. Although you can take complete control if you want, the automatic setting often works well. You must log in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Nik Collection Review: Updated with Define 2. Aneesh, that is not true! Nik Software was a software development company established in and based in San Diego, California. Nik Software developed multiple image editing plug-ins and tools and Snapseed. In September , Nik Software was acquired by Google for an undisclosed amount. The Snapseed app was the reason why Googe swallowed Nik Software and let the Nik collection die, they only were interested in Snapseed.

Exactly Christian. I purchased the full suite from Nik Software around But it was amazing. I purchased the "new" version from DxO a day or so after they announced it. Downloaded it and it works just fine and it works with Photoshop CC which the older Google version did not support. I applaud DxO for rescuing Nik form its slow death at Google. Viveza was all the rage about 10 years ago. I'm going to download the new version.

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I hope DXO works things out. I figured they lost their footing with the iPhone camera attachment. I could not be happier. I have never found another film emulation program that comes even close to Silver EFX. Now what about Fuji support? I've used Nik for a few years along with LR5. And Nik pro sharpener does not work with it. Does anybody know if this would be fixed if I upgraded?

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Badhri Narayanan Krishnakumar revo nevo - June 11, They are redirecting it to the new trial download. Gergely Badics - June 10, At the moment i'm using the still downloadable free version. Jason Elmore Gergely Badics - July 23, [Edited] DXO is claiming they've fixed the "paint effect" masking error where the program would spit out dialog errors everytime you released the mouse button while selectively brushing in the effect. Brigham Brown - June 10, Have my work computer for images. Torv Carlsen Anonymous - June 11, Thanks for the head's up.

Paul van den Broek - June 11, The old collection is 32 bit, the new one is 64 bit. Matt Speakes - June 11, I had the free version which worked fine, but bought the new version right away. Caspar Lootsmann - June 11, And for me it still crashed Photoshop so. Christopher Eaton - June 11, The new versions fixes a number of issues introduced by being far older than the latest versions of MacOS and Photoshop.