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You can also reach us at anytune. We would love to support split screen today. Unfortunately, it is more tricky and risky than you would hope. Sorry for the delay. If you have any more suggestions or questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.


I am the bar band bassist and I need to learn covers from classic rock to modern pop. Seems the older the song, the more "unique" the tuning. I've learned songs completely wrong and then come back to the band and realize I was off by a half or whole step simply because "back in the day" bands tuned to each other and not to a standard tuning necessarily. It is free but the pro and basic upgrade are needed to really get the most out of it. By far Anytune is the most important app I have regarding my guitar playing.

Then I can slow it down or isolate tough parts or put a segment on repeat so I can work on it repetitively. I use Anytune in conjunction with Tonebridge.

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The app allows me to turn the song down and my playing up or vice versa. It seriously is the app I use every time I pick up my guitar. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. uses cookies.

Screenshots iPhone iPad. Description Learn to play, transcribe, practice and perform your songs by slowing down the tempo, adjusting pitch, repeating loops, setting marks. Files app integration Many enhancements Stability improvements and bug fixes. Great interface, probably the best "sound" when slowing down and had great controls.

Plain and simple, took an audio file, and modified the playback. Nice keyboard overlay for those tricky overtones or chords where you can't get it quite right.

9 Free apps to slow down music (Android & iOS)

At first it was AudioStretch on iOS. But in all honesty I only used the Lite version free. Except one I've found. It's called iLift and there's two versions of it. If there's something more difficult I need to transcribe, I usually remove the DRM somehow and open it in a more advanced application. In general, most applications out there desktop or mobile will do everything you need with a great sound quality and ease-of-use, especially if your music collection is more traditional with your own non-DRM'd songs available digitally.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Software that slows down music to help in transcribing Ask Question. Read more about locked posts here. Anthony Labarre. It can also show which tones are being played, which works OK with some tweaking of the filters. Another important feature is that it's easy to loop sections. Free for 30 days. One of the great features of Transcribe: This is especially helpful for working out complex jazz chord voicings if you're trying to transcribe a big band piece.


I have tried them all and Transcribe is the winner. It is built to do one thing, so if you seriously want to get into transcribing, get it.

How to Slow Down Music on WIndows, Mac, iPhone or iPad

Used it for all the transcriptions on my blog. Some of the others mentioned will work, sure, but they don't offer some of the same ease-of-use and dedicated features that Transcribe has. And it is actively developed by a musician. There's probably nothing in Transcribe! Heck, even Windows Media Player offers half-speed playback! But Transcribe! Highly recommended. Alex Basson.

I found it to be totally useless for its stated purpose. The first is called Anytune Pro. This is a full function app that can help with practicing music or transcribing music. Click the icon to see full details.

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  4. Another useful app is called Soundpitch. The interface is very simple and you can either use music from your iTunes library or add specific pieces to the SoundPitch library when you sync.

    ‎Anytune on the App Store

    Click on the screen shot of the app, which is very quick and simple to use with the sliders, to see further information. Click here to download a PDF file with step by step visual instructions if you get stuck! To use Quicktime in this way the music needs to be imported into your computer. To use Windows Media Player in this way the music needs to be imported into your computer. This can be done in Windows Media Player itself or another program such as iTunes.

    Unfortunately Windows Media Player doesn't allow you to save the settings so you have to reset the tempo each time you open the file.