How to install windows games on mac using wineskin

How to Run Your Favorite Windows Programs on OS X with Wineskin

Also, it is free to use. We like free things. It is a free to use app, very easy to manage.

Once installed, start it up. We need an engine before we get started.

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Now, on to the meat of things. We will call it Mari0, but its name is not important to the process, you may name it whatever you please.


Press OK. Now, if this is your first time using Wineskin, it will ask you to to install two packages. They are important, so go ahead and install them both. Once the the installers finish downloading, it will create your wrapper. Right now, there is nothing in this wrapper.

How To Install And Run Wineskin Winery On macOS

Launching it will do nothing. Go to your wrapper. Open the wineskin app.

Installing Wine on Mac

It will take you to the launch utility. Now you have two choices, either you are copying an entire folder inside, or you are installing a fresh copy. Quit the Wineskin window and your wrapper is ready to go. It will show up in your launchpad and will run exactly like any other Mac app. A DC Comics Adventure — the procedure is the same for any game or app.


To get started, download Wineskin Winery via the link provided at the end of this post, drag the downloaded file to your Applications Folder works anywhere, but better to put it in Applications , and open it. Press update, and download any available updates, as the developers are coming up with bug fixes very frequently. If you are running the latest version, the update box will be grayed out. The very first step is to download an engine.

How to Port a Game in Wineskin

It will take a few minutes to configure, asking you to install the Wine Mono package for running. If you are planning on using either of these, do make sure to install their respective packages; otherwise, you can just press cancel on both. For authenticity, you can also browse for an icon. Additionally, apps that need DotNet framework and DirectX will need to have both installed individually using the method stated above from within the same wrapper.

On rare occasions, if your selected software does not work to your expectation, you might want to look into downloading some other engine.