How to download minecraft mods on mac 1.5.2


How to Install Mods on Minecraft

Find the Minecraft version you wish to use on the Forge site here. Click on "installer" to the right of the version you wish to download. You need to run Minecraft [version] at least once in the new launcher. After you have done that, simple run the installer that you downloaded from Forge's website, and press "OK". When running Minecraft, be sure to select the Forge profile shown below. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Installing Mods for 1. This question already has an answer here: How to install mods for the new Minecraft launcher 4 answers. Are you using the new launcher?

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Open the forge zip. Drag all the files from forge zip into minecraft. Run Minecraft, it should show this screen, prompting that forge will download the necessary libraries.

Minecraft 1.5.2 - How To Install The Damage Indicator Mod (Mac) 1080p

Forge is sucessfully installed if the Forge version is shown on the bottom left corner of the game menu. Note , these instructions should work for Linux users as well, just change the path to where your minecraft. First, acquire MultiMC here.

Do this by going down to the blue "Download MultiMC" button, clicking on it, and choosing your operating system. It may take you to a place called Adf. This is normal, but often confuses users with false download buttons. Completely ignore everything on the adf. On the top-left, you'll see the adf. The top-right is what you want to concentrate on. You'll see a "Please wait.. It counts down from 5 seconds.

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Once the counter finishes, there will appear a " skip ad " button in the counter's place. Click it, and your MultiMC download will begin. The instructions from here on will be accompanied by pictures. Once you have it, you're going to place MultiMC into its own folder, as it works somewhat differently from the standard Launcher. Once it's in the folder of your choosing, you may create a shortcut to it on the desktop or something. Run it, and a screen like this should appear: To install Forge on MultiMC is probably the simplest process of all, as opposed to being the most difficult when doing it manually.

First, with MultiMC open, you right-click on your instance as shown below: Part 2. Installing Mods. Remember to read the instructions provided by the mod, priority goes to that, the threads would usually have instructions on how to install their mods. This is an example on how to install Forge mods manually. A typical Forge-installed.

Minecraft Mods can make playing the game easier - and more fun

Now, for most mods, all you have to do is drag the. Yes, it is that simple. One thing to note is that, you do not unzip the mod file. Just dump it in the mods folder.

[1.5.2 and below] Installing Mods w/ MultiMC Installation Guide

This is assuming you have already installed either Forge or Modloader. In this case I have installed Forge. For demonstration reasons, we are going to show you how to install the The Biblocraft mod.

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First, right click on your instance, and press Edit Mods. I managed to bypass the bin folder, since everything I needed could apparently be found in the versions folder. I am being told that I need a minecarft. This question has been asked before and already has an answer. If those answers do not fully address your question, please ask a new question.

Grab a copy of forge at http: Run the forge installer you need to have downloaded the vanilla version of Minecraft before you can run the installer. Run Minecraft using the new profile named Forge.