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Downloaded and installed Razer Synapse 2. Good luck guys! AngelusGalenia , Jul 14, DarkTaninfodaily likes this.

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I have an issue with High Sierra and Synapse where I can't remap the mouse sensitivity keys to mouse button 4 and 5. In Synapse, it looks like the change is made, but those top buttons still perform mouse sensitivity changes. I've got my Tartarus V2 working again in High Sierra finally after days of frustration. It's tiny and runs inside of System Preferences, very easy to configure. No LED controls though. It's shareware so you can try it for free, or buy a license and support the developer.

He's got more time to do this stuff than the Mac team at Razer! I'm not gaming, I use the Tartarus for video editing and motion graphics shortcuts and macros. Not sure if anyone in this thread has a new MacBook Pro, if so have you been having crazy issues with Synapse ??? Most of the time, my devices listed below do show in the Synapse 2 menu bar, but when I actually open Synapse 2, it doesn't show the little icons to customize the settings of each device. I have to physically unplug, and replug in each device to make them show up.

Sometimes I have to unplug, reboot, and plug back in again and hope they show up within Synapse 2. Sometimes no matter what I do, Synapse won't show the devices within the app, or the app completely freezes, and won't even open after a reboot, and the only thing I can do is uninstall Synapse 2 and then reinstall it. I have to charge it for a few seconds and it works again, for a while, because it disconnects again. The Razer Naga Epic Chroma is fully loaded. Sometimes, it also stands still for half a second and appears at another point on the screen I uninstalled Synapse.

I have installed the latest Version 1.

How to download Razer Synapse

Will it ever be fixed? MacOS Mojave here, my razer naga is actually useless, side buttons doesn't work at all, i guess i have to buy some logitech Duno, I own a Trinity and Synapse 1. I submitted a ticket to synapse support on July 29th, ask for an update, still nothing. Sad, clearly not important to them.

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I am frustrated about lost profiles, constantly forgetting my devices. I really like the keyboard, though. But that's another thing.

Razer Synapse (MAC) Cloud-Based Driver Mac OS X | Opendrivers

Synapse 2 freezes and crashes all the time. Hello guys, I just bought a Razer Huntsman keyboard and also downloaded Synapse 2. However after logging in the screen just says "Please connect a Razer Synapse enabled device". I have tried uninstalling Synapse however I have come to the same result. RIPdinos and awsom82 like this. I bought my first naga back in to originally use on a windows platform laptop.

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I took a 6 year break and returned to gaming this time with my Mac. The mouse stopped working so I bought ANOTHER one because I thought maybe my original mouse was old, only to found out I gave you guys more money for no reason as that mouse stopped working too - but works fine on my old toshiba. I love your products but the fact you refuse to make credible and tangible action on this prominent issue is making me very reluctant to buy any more of your products Where do you find Synapse 2.

Can only find 1. Please use this direct link. Razer Customer Privacy Policy.

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Razer Synapse 2.0 Won't Install

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