Firewire video capture mac os x

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Is there a "small" app for OSX that just captures DV? | MacRumors Forums

Vidi 0. Watch and record TV on your Mac. Follow This App Developer website: Mitz Pettel.

  • Import from a tape-based camcorder.
  • iMovie for Mac: Import from tape-based cameras.
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  • Help connecting your DV camera to a Mac?

Download Now. Top community discussions about Vidi Is there a better alternative to Vidi? See discussion Is Vidi really the best app in Video category? See discussion Will Vidi work good on macOS See discussion. It features perfect audio-to-video sync, full frame rate video while recording, and a streamlined user interface.

Version 0. The difference in image quality is negligible, but the storage savings are huge. An hour of MP4 video consumes only 1.

There are a few downsides: Importing with MP4 compression hits the CPU pretty hard, occasionally locking up the app for a minute or two after stopping. The app tends to be sluggish at times and fails to properly refresh clip thumbnails. YouTube sharing is currently broken although it appears to be working , and sharing to Photos still refers to the late, great iPhoto. Assuming you have a working camcorder and the right adapters, LifeFlix is the quickest and easiest way to get Mini-DV tapes into your Mac.

LifeFlix: Attach your camcorder and import the video

LumaFusion review: Pro video editing now a reality on iOS devices. I've been able to open one of four recordsing in VLC, but it was cut short. The other three won't play at all. So far my review of iRecord would be, nice interface, too bad it doesn't work. I don't understand it Fast forward two minutes, nothing has changed Any ideas? Well apparently I changed the box so that it displays in p, as that is all the monitor not my computer monitor attached to it will display. As soon as the box is changed to p, the recordings produced by avcvideocap are worthless.


Not sure why p would cause it to stop functioning. I can run it in i, but then I can't watch TV from the box. Reason I ask: You don't need this to capture DV stuff from your SonyBox. The only thing special about this hint re: I'm betting the converter uses the same stream as miniDV. And you get the data in the "native" format: However, in your case, you're probably not dealing with a high quality stream Analog to Digital , so converting to MPEG4 wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing. And you get several advantages, including a smaller file size and the ability to edit using iMovie.

Top 4 Best Ways for Mac Users to Import MiniDV Tapes

It would be helpful if anyone successfully playing this game reported what equipment supplied the HD source signal. I had no joy using any of the tools mentioned in this hint and previous replies with a Scientific Atlantic hd box in the Austin, TX Time Warner service region. However, I did manage to crash the STB many times: It always recovered fine after going through its very slow boot process. I'm continually amazed by the obvious very low code quality embedded in these cable boxes.

I believe the Motorola 64xx series also supports that as well. The HD has a firewire port, but it is not enabled.

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That is the root of all your problems. Unfortunately, it may not be worth it to switch cable boxes. I want to try this but will have to move some stuff around so any warning not to waste my time would be appreciated: Anyone know of a utility not iMovie to capture video from a miniDV camera, via firewire? I'm interested in using my camcorder as a low grade DVR. Command line would probably be ideal, unless someone has actually built an app for scheduling captures from miniDV cams.

That's not the native format of the camera.