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Laya Lumpar Laya Lumpar 46 1 1 2. Make sure you have a licence to use the font you're converting. Webfonts are often a subset of the actual full font.

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It may not even make sense to try and convert it. DA01 I've never heard that before. Are you sure about that? DjangoReinhardt yes. Lots of fonts are HUGE in terms of full character sets You don't want to force people to download all the cyrillic characters if the site is in English, for example, so the font can be sub-setted to produce a smaller file size. Granted, maybe often isn't the right term there. I should have stated sometimes.

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DA01 Ah. Yes, I see what you mean by subset now. I was thinking you were referring to Bold, Italic, Book, etc which is the case with some desktop fonts, but which I've never seen with webfonts. Thank you for using online font convert.

I have removed all ads and all the other extraction to keep it as simple as possible. So this solo rely on donations now instead since many of you use adblock anyway. Online font converter has a simple API that is simple to use without any cost.

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Select the file with your mouse. Right-click on the file and click the "Extract All" option. In addition, there is a demo file that shows how to use your new EOT font in an actual Web page.

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Google Project's Ttf2eot Utility 1. Click the "Start" button. Type "cmd" in the input box.

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Click "Enter. Online Version of Ttf2eot 1. Using Font2Web Online Utility 1.

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  4. Visit the Font2Web site. Both companies give you permission to use and distribute them as you wish. In contrast, the fonts provided with your operating system or the programs you install may be copyrighted and tightly controlled by their developers.

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    5. You may be violating the rights of the copyright holder whenever you use, alter, embed or distribute their fonts without their explicit permission.