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I am converting a word file into a pdf. Word version is I need to have hyperlinks active References to sections, figures, etc. I have references to figures and tables completely working, but references to sections don't work. In the Table of Content, I cannot click on the page numbers.

Problem opening files or folders via hyperlinks in Excel 2016 for Mac

What can be done to have links to sections working? If you click on Options in Save As, the options dialog will pop up. Under "Include non-printing information check Create bookmarks using Once you're done with this, proceed with converting your word file to pdf. The hyperlinks should be active now. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

How to Convert Word to PDF With Embedded Links |

Converting word to pdf: Some hyperlinks don't work Ask Question. Yule Yule 6 1 2.

Using Save as Option Using Export. I can open the same document in Word for Mac and it doesn't have any problem with those same hyperlinks. As in the Windows versions, they work as expected. So upgrading will solve this problem for you.

Weird Hyperlink Behavior

Unless you are using Office , you can keep Word installed when you upgrade to Then you can access to both versions in case there is some vital feature missing in Brandwares - Advanced Office template services to the graphic design industry and select corporations. John Korchok, Production Manager production brandwares. Skip to main content.

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I created this document on a PC. Hyperlinks work fine. When I open it in Google Docs, work fine.

Which Office program are you using?

Although you may be used to seeing hyperlinks as blue and underlined, they can be formatted in many different ways and may even look like ordinary text. For example, TOC entries and cross-references, even when they are hyperlinks, do not have the distinctive hyperlink formatting. Like any other style in Word, this style can be modified, so the hyperlinks in your document could be, for example, red and not underlined as on this Web page —or any other formatting you desire. In fact, in Word and above, the formatting of the Hyperlink style varies depending on the theme applied.

Figure 6.

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The Hyperlink character style. The Hyperlink style has not been applied. The Hyperlink style has been modified. The Followed Hyperlink style is in effect instead. The hyperlinks are cross-references or TOC entries. If hyperlinks look like Figure 5 above, then you are seeing the field code instead of the field result. It may just be plain text with the Hyperlink character style applied. You are viewing the field code see Figure 5 instead of the field result. You are using a version that by default requires you to press Ctrl while clicking in order to follow the link.

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Figure 7. Hyperlink ScreenTip as seen in Word or later. Word and earlier: Tools Options View: Word Office Button Word Options Display: Show document tooltips on hover. Word and above: File Options Display: This safety feature, introduced in Word , was intended to make it easier to edit the display text of hyperlinks.

Tools Options Edit Word Office Button Word Options Advanced:

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