How to insert cd in power mac g5

Satcomer In Geostationary Orbit Jan 13, I ask this because you need to for the pop down drawer on the G5 to work properly and open. Satcomer said: If you read the reports on Accelerate Your Macintosh's drive lasso you would know if you removed the drive's tray edge bezel many drives if left on will hang on the G5 case on eject. I forget that I have the set of different size 'nipples' that screw into a bottom of a G5 drive, which allow for the height difference, so I haven't actually needed to take the tray bezel off - but point taken My own G5 just 'barely' clears, but still has the bezel.

Thanks DeltaMac and others. I didn't even know that lid slip down!!

Mac OS X - Force Ejecting a CD

I got the disc out easily. I restarted and reset the PRAM, but the drawer still won't open when I push that open drawer key at the top right of my keyboard. I am not sure what this tray bezel is. That error message I reprint in my first post still appears, and when I used to use that key for opening the drawer, a icon would appear on my desktop, but not anymore.

So, I guess it is my DVD drive that is bad. Would that also prevent me from opening the drawer from the keyboard? Just want to make sure it is my DVD player causing all the trouble. Many thanks You will now have an eject menu icon on your top menu bar. Click that to open your CD tray. There's other ways to fix this, but now you should be able to at least open the tray.

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I just did this, but when I click the little icon on my top menu bar it says: I guess I just need a new Drive! Any suggestions? Good luck with the drive. Hope you find a new, better replacement. New Drive for the G5. I just purchased a new internal CD drive from mac sales for my G5, result is Disk Insertion The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer!

Not So Good New Drive. I had no issues with my original cd drive, once in a while I would hear funny noises from the drive itself, but it played every single disk I inserted!! I purchased a new cd drive as a upgrade for my G5. From reading all the apple discussions, and may others from various sites These discs are designed to remove dirt, dust, and static buildup from your optical drive.

Alas, most users who tried this solution found that the cleaning disc would be ejected before it could do any good. Use a can of compressed air to blow inside your computer's optical disc slot and clear away any built-up dust. While several users found this solution helpful, others claimed it didn't eliminate the problem, and at least one user found it actually made the problem worse - rendering him unable to insert a disc at all.

One user recommended tapping right above the disc drive as it begins to slow down its reading prior to ejecting the disc.


SOLVED: DVD Drive not mounting discs - Power Mac G5 - iFixit

While this one user swore by this solution, others found it had no effect and, frustrated, suggested that tapping with a hammer might relieve more stress. Several users said that opening Disk Utility prior to inserting a disc solved their problem, though again, success with this solution wasn't widespread. Most - but not all - users who had their SuperDrives replaced - either under warranty from Apple, by paying out-of-warranty fees to Apple, or by doing it themselves - found their problems went away.

Some reported needing multiple replacements or even a logic board replacement before the problem disappeared. For users whose machines are out of warranty, buying an external optical drive is a cheaper option than replacing the internal drive.

Power Mac G4: How to Open the CD/DVD Tray

Though, as mentioned above, at least some users found that they were unable to read discs even when using an external drive. Absolutely nothing worked so far, as for purchasing a new external drive, ha!! What really amazes me is when i put the back the original drive which was fully working before i upgraded Is giving me the same error as the new drive and I can not play any disks on any of my drives!!

Does anyone have the real solution to this issue instead trying "everyones" possible cures?? If I called a witch doctor, you think with there staff they can way a fix for my cd drive issues??

CD Drive Again and Again Sorry but I'm a little mystified why you are posting in a 4 year old discussion. If you can't fix the machine the next stop is the repair counter. Or use the externals like so many. A four year old discussion that hasnt been resolved!! Of course its mystifying There is NO solution to repair this, do you understand??

Your band aid solutions dont work!! If you read the above post carefully, some users were unable to read disks even when using an external drive!!! Choose a different operating system in the startup manager, and eject the CD using the steps above. Insert a paper clip into the manual eject hole, which is located on the bottom right or left side of the drive depending on the model , under the bezel.

Powermac G5 optical drive swap

A paper clip inserted into this hole unlatches the drive. Next, bend the paper clip into a hook and put it under the drive's tray. You should be able to pull the tray out at this point.

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During startup, press and hold the Command-Option-O-F key combination to enter Open Firmware, type "eject cd" in lower case letters, then press return. Wed Jun 01