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Mais acessados. Shallow feat. Aplicativos e plugins. Mobile Android iPhone Windows Phone. Desktop Google Chrome Windows 8. Plugin W. Media Player Winamp. Meu perfil Enviar letra Mensagens Editar Sair. Criar playlist. The album serves as the follow-up to his debut album, Cole World: The Sideline Story. Born Sinner received generally positive reviews from critics. The album debuted at number two on the US Billboard , selling , copies in its first week of release. After two weeks of being at number two, Born Sinner climbed to number one in its third week.

As of December , the album has sold , copies in the United States. Under Pressure Deluxe. Under Pressure is the debut studio album by American rapper Logic. Development and composition of the album began in , with recording taking place during a two-week span at the beginning of The album's production was primarily handled by No I. The standard edition of the album contained no guest appearances, with Big Sean and Childish Gambino being featured on tracks "Alright" and "Driving Ms.

Daisy", respectively, on the album's deluxe edition. Logic sought to create an album that would stand out as "beautiful, musical and melodic" while also including "raw lyricism". In order to establish his desired sound, his lyricism is heavily introspective, analyzing himself by exploring his ambivalent outlook on his newfound fame, his family, feelings of self-consciousness, success, and his struggles with addiction. His goal was to provide an autobiography which explicitly detailed the scenarios and experiences that impacted him during his rise in the music industry.

Mac Miller Albums. Mac Miller. Swimming is the fifth studio album by American rapper Mac Miller. It received positive reviews from critics upon release. Swimming debuted at number 3 on the Billboard The Divine Feminine. The album was supported by three singles: It received generally positive reviews from critics, and charted at number two on the US Billboard OD AM. The album was supported by two singles: Miller began his international tour in support of the album on September 20, , which started at his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Live From Space. Live from Space is the first and only live album by American rapper Mac Miller. The album was released on December 17, , by Rostrum Records. The album also features five previously unreleased songs that didn't make his second studio album Watching Movies with the Sound Off. My kids will learn about you. Probably gonna get buried since I commented so late. Honestly, I remember back when K.

It was hard for me to listen to it honestly just cause of a couple tracks were too upbeat for me. Faces especially was one of the most important albums in my life since it came out. That was a transition time period after just moving from my hometown, and I was still struggling with mortality and drug abuse unfortunately. It was crazy hearing someone describe something that was too relatable. Uncomfortably relatable. It was something I needed to help me push past that discomfort I had and work on bettering my self. Obviously it wasn't just that album, just something that helped.

Celebrity deaths are weird, I feel like an ass most of the time when they happen cause who the fuck cares right? This one is very different. I'm sure he touched many people in my generation, and probably more to come. He will be missed. Me either man. I genuinely used to get annoyed with people who got sad over celebrity death, but this one genuinely hurts. I think you hit the nail on the head with what you said about him battling his demons.

I think we loved Mac because he took us along with him on the ride, the good and the bad parts, so in turn we rooted for him the way we root for ourselves. For it to end how it did after he gave us Swimming is just still hard to wrap my head around it. I had grown up listening to the mainstream Mac stuff, then I recently went on a date with a boy who played Avian in the car. I went home and immediately went on a hunt to find the song. I listened to Faces and Swimming and found so much solace in it. I recently made a new friend in school too when I brought up Swimming.

Still having a hard time wrapping my head around this. This thread has truly helped me get through this past week.

Mac Miller - O.K. (Feat Tyler, The Creator)(Lyrics In Description)

I am so sad. Listen to the Shane Powers podcast if you need closure.

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I love you all. It has gotten better. But I know I will be bummed whenever I try listening to Mac. Rest easy Mac! Still messed up about this. Not completely devastated anymore but still have a hole in my heart. If this is really an accidental death from sleeping pills, I just can't even fucking believe it.

It wouldn't even be hard drugs that took him, just probably drinking on sleeping pills a bit too much and getting unlucky. Fuck man. Also, seeing that this thread is unstickied. Much love to everyone in here, it's been an intense ass week, but love y'all man and keep y'all head up, do good to honor his memory, work hard at your loves and passions as he did.

Watching Movies With The Sound Off (Explicit Deluxe Edition)

It's really not getting better for me, but I'm maybe slowly coming to peace with it. Still can't listen to or watch anything else but Mac from songs to interviews to vines and videos.

What a beautiful person. RIP to a fucking legend, I really wish that this wasn't the end, but we gotta do the best with what we got and keep pushing forward, it is what it is, now we can only grow and adapt. I think you need to have apple music since it's thru beats one technically. There might also be a way to listen on YouTube, I can try to find a link when I got time. I downloaded a free trial of Apple music through Android, still not much luck finding it. Let me know of you can find it when you get some free time. This link should work, I think?

Should be able to find it just searching the Internet presents on apple music if that link doesn't work. I got Android with apple music too tho I feel ya pain lmao. I feel your pain bro. Same here. I just want to listen to Lofi jazz and Mac miller. Shits not right. Exactly, positive and negative. It's made me really be like yo fuck it life isn't guaranteed I need to work hard on my art now instead of half assing shit and making excuses. Also, have finally had things looking up in life and wanted to celebrate and try to nod with some poppy seed tea, but now I'm just like fuck that shit completely, I could never do that to my friends and family just fucking OD as a twenty something year old, really has made me look at hard drugs in a different way and see how dangerous they are and how much they just slow you down.

His death is really making me appreciate the people I love and being alive.

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Just noticed the thread is gone from the top: It's been great talking to everyone and hope to continue our conversations and love for Mac in the Mac Miller subreddit. P Mac, we'll always remember and miss you. I created this tribute video for the Legend. I'm sorry I posted the wrong one. Here is the right. Yeah I get it. Swimming is basically funeral music at this point, but my connection with it has grown so much over the past week.

Ariana's new post for Mac - https: Hey guys, my friend noticed something really interesting and maybe somebody who's smart with music can verify. He noticed that the synthesizer at the end of "So It Goes" the last track on his last album is the same synthesizer he used at the beginning of "J's on my feet" the first track on his first mixtape as Easy Mac. The last lyric of the last verse is also "Just like a circle, I go back where I'm from," so it seems to be on purpose.

J's on my feet: So It goes: I became a fan around GO: It was fun but I had to stop in the middle of "Missed Calls," it was too real. Miss you Mac.

W​.​M​.​W​.​T​.​S​.​O x O'CHPPD'N'​$​CRWD

I'm trying to keep your spirit alive every day. His music got me through some really dark times and my entire alcoholic battle. Having an artist I admire speak freely about his inner demons gave me the solace of a friend who understands and music that made me feel okay during these years. After over 2 years in recovery it breaks my heart he lost the struggle with addiction but I can truly say it was not in vain, his music helped save my life at one time. The type of music that got him respected as a young age by the "real hip-hop" crowd?

Produced By Flying Lotus https: America Ft. The Scoop On Heaven https: RIP my guy. I will never forget how I felt listening to Swimming at my lowest. Thank you for your art. Im a big fan of this radio show and he was just featured last week. Will def be a good show to tune in to. It truly showed how great a person he was and gave me a better out look on how i want to treat the future. They pretty much confirmed that it was an accidental overdose too which is strangely comforting to me.

RIP and thank you so much Mac Miller. Conversation Pt. I'm finally able to listen to someone else, so I'm starting to feel a little closure perhaps. I'm glad that Mac has left behind so much music that motivates me or hits the spot for when I slide into loneliness and depression. It's been a week and it's only getting realer every day that you are gone. Found an old blog post where I said the thing I loved most about Mac Miller was that he put out 3 CDs in , and they were all brilliant. For some reason, it really made it hit home that we won't get anymore of those.

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My condolences to his family and loved ones, and I feel blessed to have known him" Diplo - "My first day on tour in Australia I saw Mac in the lobby.. Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an account. Thank you Mac Miller. Still love. I hope you found peace. Getting brighter, but we miss you. Don't think I'll ever stop playing his music. RIP Mac! RIP to a great one. Wanna throw some pics up? Rest in Peace Mac, now is our turn to carry your mic to the top.

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So much raw emotion and heart, and pain. RIP to a king. It was hella fun bruh. RIP another legend!!! Prayers for you. Try to spit something. Don't think I'll get over this one. You are loved brother. Cant believe Mac is gone still. Mac Miller is the best producer and rapper of all time. And I could prolly even go more micro than this, but this is my general evaluation lmao.

You'll grow to hate it: There is a vid of him at a concert last weekend talking a bit about it. RIP my man Mac. His verse is fire. This shit had opened a flood gate of emotions in my life. Positive and negative. I hope it brings you comfort watching this the way it did for me to make it. Lets make sure to celebrate the joy and changes he brought to our lives.

He will be very missed. We miss you Malcolm. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for the music and yourself, Mac. DJ Premeir. One of my favorites. I appreciate the contribution man. I know it's been a minute since I been away Didn't mean to cause you pain, I just needed to escape Ain't saying that I'm sober, I'm just in a better place I just want to say thank you Mac GO: