Change default mail app mac os x

Set an account as the default in Outlook for Mac

However, if you have a specific email service that you stick to, you can always make it your default choice. Step 1: Step 2: Step 4: Dhvanesh Adhiya.

  1. How to Change Default Mail App Client in Mac OS X?
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Most of us In the bottom, left pane of the Accounts box, click Set as Default. To send an email message from an account other than your default account, under Inbox , select the account in the list. You can now send email from your non-default email account.

How to Change the Default Mail App Client in Mac OS X

When you're finished, under Inbox , click your default account. When you forward or reply to a message, Outlook uses the account that the original message was sent to.

Change your default email app

To change this preference, on the Outlook menu, click Preferences , and then under Email , click Composing. Under Format and account , clear the Reply and forward using the default e-mail account check box. Your default mail reader is what's used when you're browsing a web page and share it via email with a friend or colleague, or mail it to yourself for further reading.

How to Change the Default Mail App Client in Mac OS X

The Mac default is to use the Mail app, but you can change the default to Outlook. On the General tab, in Default email reader , select Microsoft Outlook. Add an email account to Outlook.

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  • How to Change the Default Email App on Mac.
  • A list of your accounts is in the left pane of the Accounts dialog box, and the default account is first in the list. On the Action pop-up menu , click Set as Default. If you have configured multiple POP accounts, messages will be sent from the account that is currently selected, or the default account. To change the account from which a message is sent, select an account on the From pop-up menu in the email message.

    If you have added only one account to Outlook, the From pop-up menu is not available.