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Blur Chroma Plugin. Cutless Jump Cut. Conner explores the options: Robert Kruger: Off The Grid: On Test Part 1: This means that the computer for a specific editing suite can sometimes be a few doors away, rather than physically present in the room with the editor.

In these situations, there are often a series of cables that are patched into the editing suite that provide connections for the video monitors, computer keyboard, etc. Cables are also provided for the sound, which are connected to and controlled by the audio mixer. The mixers that are used in editing suites are typically compact in size, yet offer enough channels to connect several pieces of equipment.

In the recent past, video tape decks were often used in editing suites, both for the logging and capturing of footage into the computer, and for recording completed projects back to tape.

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When tape decks are used, the main audio outputs of the tape machine are connected to the mixer, so you can monitor their playback through the main speakers in the editing suite. Even though DV tapes are being used less and less frequently, audio mixers are far from being obsolete in the editing suite. Professional editors still rely on VTRs and other kinds of decks for their work.

Top 5 Video Editing Speakers For Under $

You want to hear what the audio sounds like at the destination, not at the source. Therefore the main audio outputs of the VTR would be patched into an audio mixer. If your workflow never involves external machines like VTRs, audio mixers are still useful in more modest setups. An essential step in creating a disc is watching the playback afterward to make sure there are no errors, unwanted artifacts or anomalies in the final product.

How To Pick Speakers for Your Edit Suite

The best way to hear if the audio turned out properly is to listen to the disc on your active studio monitors as you watch. The audio mixers that are used in editing suites typically feature XLR microphone inputs and preamps in addition to stereo line-level inputs. One of the most popular mixers found in video editing suites is the Mackie VLZ3. There are similar mixers available that have more affordable price tags, but the first two things that you give up are sound quality and build quality.

The Best Studio Monitors For An Edit Suite

Mackie mixers have become standard in professional editing facilities because they have proven themselves to be reliable and versatile pieces of equipment for broadcast-media production. Also, being able to work on a broader display allows you to pick out minute detail more easily, and see what your film will look like on a bigger screen. As well as highlighting our top choices of the very best Windows PC and Mac computers for video editing here, we've also got you covered if you're on a budget. And if you aren't sure which program to use once your computer's sorted, then you can check out our favourite video editing software , too.

Read on for the best computers for video editing Radeon Pro RAM: Once you go Mac, it's hard to go back. If you're used to cutting and chopping on an Apple machine and want an all-in-one setup for your desktop then the iMac with 4K Retina display is an absolute beaut — and it's a fraction of the price of the iMac Pro at number four on this list.

In fact, the price is pretty spectacular when you consider that a stunning It features a wider range of colours than some competitors' monitors thanks to its DCI P3 colour space.

The Ultimate 2016 MacBook Pro Setup For Your Editing Bay

Put simply, images can appear more life-like with accurate colours and a greater vibrancy, and this is the kind of little touch that can really add value to your projects. One piece of valuable upgrade advice, though, is to customise the iMac's storage and switch from the Fusion Drive that Apple offers by default and switch to an SSD , which runs a lot quicker. It may increase the price a bit, but the extra speed you'll gain in everything you do on your Mac makes better long-term sense.

Overall, this is our pick of the best computer for video editing right now. AMD's newest Ryzen X processor features eight independent CPU cores, which really speeds up video encoding times, and comes at a fantastic affordable price.

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  5. While the Chillblast Fusion Ryzen X is a mid-range rig that won't break the bank, its nippy exporting of video will outperform more expensive computers. And the rest of the default specification won't hold back your video editing software either. The price doesn't include a display, mouse or keyboard, so you'll either have to purchase these separately or reuse old hardware you already own.