Nikon scan for mac mountain lion

The Nikon software for the older scanners hasn't been updated for years. The older Windows OS are actually a better choice for use on the control station.

Compatibility of Nikon software with Mac OS Mountain Lion - Nikon Rumors

I went with VueScan Professional mainly for the free upgrades for life and have been pleased with the results. Last time I tried, Nikon Scan 4. I haven't tried it under snow leopard yet.

I have a LSED but it sounds like you were using the same software. Originally posted by KDogg: I guess Nikon Scan is officially not compatible.

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From what I've seen of Silverfast, it seems to be the best scanner software out there, feature wise. I think the interface could use a lot of work, but the features are there. Here is a link to a photo. As I wrote above, some people claim that it works with special black magic, and some don't. The only thing that is clear is that all these photographers--and if they bought Nikon slide scanners, they're mostly serious photographers--are mad at Nikon. I'm mad too, and will avoid Nikon peripherals and cameras in the future. Canon has a new customer! Worked great and had some nice automation features.

The dev was also very responsive in addressing an issue I was having.

5 Network Scanner Utilities and Tools for Mac OS X

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For long I used it with Nikon Scan 4 and was satisfied with it. I also tried VueScan that I thought was better for personal settings, but I wasn't happy with it at the beginning so went on using Nikon Scan.

But I don't like the results with both of them. What's your opinion? Did you have some test comparing different software? Publish Preview. I like NIkonScan. I'm using it with Snow Leopard without any trouble. Post Reply Preview. Learn to use Vuescan. Read the manual Also there is a book out called the Vuescan Bible..

Burnt Umber 7 years ago.

OS X 10.6 Software for Nikon Coolscan V Slide Scanner?

Nikon Coolscan V ED software all the way. Never have an ounce of issues with it. Karim M 7 years ago. It has none of that crazy windows eque menu funkiness going. uses cookies.

Snow Leopard and using Nikon Scan, there is an update for version 4. But for the iCloud i'm going to upgrade to Lion and make a boot disk on an external hard drive for my scan software, as i also have a Epson V using Silverfast and don't want to pay for the new version now! Somehow Vuescan clips the shadows and Nikon Scan doesn't, further selecting the frames on film is a dissaster on both my Coolscan as my V! We suggest trying a third party software option such as Vuescan from Hamrick.

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