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Tomorrow at the earliest time the stores open I shall be at the door of one of the Mac dealers in Rio de Janeiro to purchase my iMac. And then I shall face a steep learning curve, since I worked for such a long time with pure Windows I shall follow your advices. The bad new is that I shall have to wait from 2 to 3 working days to get my new machine Dear David, I configured Parallels to read the BootCamp partition, in order not to have to install twice the same program s. By the way, AutoDesk is really willing to help, even not officially supporting their products on a Mac computer.

Do you have any idea what I could do? Thanks a lot, and have a Happy New Year! David - Hope you catch this! Any advice on VMWare Fusion vs parallels? I'm looking at a new Mac Pro Quad 2. I've been on Macs and Windows since Day one, but run only macs at home. And will Vista home work as well as Vista Pro? Can you tell me if this is possible? And if so, what software i might need beyond the basic revit installation? Thank you very much, for any advice you can give here.

Hi David, I'm a new Revit user and am just finding out the wonders Revit can perform. I have a 14 month old 13" Mac Book and am wondering will it run Revit. If not what exact spec of a Mac Book will run Revit effectively? Will an "off the shelf" 17" Mac Book Pro be sufficient?? Will this run on the Mac?? Appreciate you letting me know. Regards Jim. Could anyone tell me how the battery life is when running revit. Looking to switch to a macbook but spend most of my time drawing without power using batteries.

I'm not formiliar with revit but i am a little bit with Mac, Windows and Parrallels.

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I am using Revit My intention is to run Windows 7 on the computer. Will Revit run as well or better on the Mac in Windows 7 or am I better off purchasing the Dell laptop? The price is about the same. Hi Todd, not an easy one, depends on what you are doing. But 4 gigs of ram is a bit light. But you should also rememebr you will need to invest in a copy of windows if you will run revit under bootcamp. David im sorry to ask but how exactly does mac give you more "bang for your bucks", mac's are clearly overpriced, plus customization on apple is very poor nowadays.

Post a Comment. Friday, September 28, Revit on the Mac. Whats better, Mac or PC? I've worked for companies which have used both platforms. I personally love the Mac environment, but I have learned to get on with PC's and the Windows platform.

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I meet a lot of architects and designers in my role and I have lost count how many have asked whether Revit runs on the Mac. A lot of architects still use Mac's, its just one of those design things. June-Hao Hou liked this on Facebook. This looks very promising for those in need of using Revit but not wanting to give up their Macs, or in a BYOD type office.

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Denver International Airport. They are running it on Macs using Parallels and seem to be pretty happy with it so far.

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They also happened to have a a turnover in staff and none of the ArchiCAD users were there anymore, making the transition less painful. In addition to the clients, the large contractors and many larger architectural consultants are also on Revit. This makes the process of clash detection much less onerous that it would be in ArchiCAD assuming the others are using Revit. But, for many large offices that work for government clients, there may be no way around it.

Unless, of course, someone forces the government agencies to not sole source the CAD platform. On a critical side note from someone who has never used Revit, that user interface looks very clunky and awkward.

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The oversized ribbon across the top seems very wasteful of screen real-estate, and navigating the model appears to be quite painful with that translucent wheel that you have to click on. Also, repeatedly going to a zoom tool to get a zoom window seems silly. I would hope that Revit would have a more intuitive user interface that that.

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