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For further details and examples of the Excel Mmult function, see the Microsoft Office website.

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Be aware also that if, when you enter the Mmult function, you don't highlight the entire range of cells that is needed to display the resulting matrix, Excel will just show the part of the result that fits into the highlighted range. There will be no error message to let you know that your highlighted range is not big enough.

This will also be the case if you fail to enter the formula as an array formula - the cell that you enter the formula into will just show you the first entry of the resulting matrix. Excel Functions. MMULT array1 , array2. Inputting Array Formulas To input an array formula, you need to first highlight the range of cells that the function is to be entered into.

Occurs if either: One of the supplied arrays contains a blank or a non-numeric value; The number of columns in array1 is not equal to the number of rows in array2. If not, you need to follow the installation instructions which can be found on the same webpage from where you downloaded the file containing the software.

I have Excel v Once the spreadsheet is opened none of the RealStats functions are returning a value.

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I checked mark RealStat and Solver on the list of addins from the Tools menu. Could you please help me on this.

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Sato, Excel for the Mac is supported by Real Statistics. You should be able to access all the data analysis tools by pressing the key sequence Ctrl-m. I just created a bar chart from a raw data for gender for subjects. The labels for the categories however are 1 and 2. I would like the labels to be Males and Females.

Is there a way to do this? See http: Angel, Make the Bin Size smaller. Also based on the results you found, you can probably use the following parameters: Further remarks: I just noticed that the mean is 8. In this case, you certainly have done something wrong since all your data is in the range near 5, far away from 8. Let me know how you filled in the Resampling data analysis dialog box. Dear Charles, I just successfully downloaded the 5.

I never touched the downloaded file except to save it in the preferred location. When I shut down excel in preparation for downloading the workbooks a password prompt popped up in its place.

I was only able to remove the password prompt by rebooting the laptop. I just opened and closed excel again and there is no password prompt so maybe the reboot fixed it.

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Scott Jennings. Scott, See Password Prompt. I recently installed your package on Excel, Version Whenever I try to designate a cell range, Microsoft Excel just crashes. Any help will be appreciated Thanks! I have a macbook, but up to date software, and Microsoft I get the same result. Briana, I believe the instruction on the following webpage are Mac compatible. Just follow the instructions on this webpage. What to do is explained on the referenced webpage.

I am trying to load real stats and it gives me a message — Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications prompt. I had the exact same problem while installing it. Susan, 1.

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Array Formulas and Functions 2. If I understand correctly, you are using Excel for the Mac. There are two versions of Real Statistics for this version of the Mac. If you have Excel for the Mac, that version of Real Statistics has been tested and you should use it. Hi Charles, Thanks for the great Job.

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Any suggestions on the way forward? Sola, Here are some possible issues: Try using one of the Real Statistics functions. Solver has not been installed. See Hint 2 at http: The problem might be with the Trust Center settings. Click on Options from the File ribbon and then choose the Trust Center option on the left side. Next click on Trust Center Settings …. Next click on the Macro Settings option on the left side and make sure that it is Disable all Macros with Notification. Also click on the Trusted Locations option on the left side and click on the Add New Location… button to add the folder that contains RealStats folder as a trusted location.

HI I installed perfectly and did all the four you suggested no in error after typing formula, addins are marked and location modified.


Vinitha, If you send me an Excel file with your data and tell me which test you were trying to perform, I will try to figure out what the problem is. Excellent package. I came here after looking up Logistic Regression on Google that led me straight here. A good You Tube tutorial made using your package a breeze. Any suggestions? This is a function of your browser, not Real Statistics. Once the file have downloaded to your computer, you need to follow the Real Statistics installation instructions as described on the referenced webpage before you can use the Real Statistics data analysis tools such as MANOVA.

Once you understand the instructions, it should only take a minute or two to complete the installation.