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Kodi is an open source project and anybody is allowed to use it for their own projects. It is a simple app which is used for streaming different videos and audio content on various devices. But one thing you should keep in mind while using Kodi that you should use Kodi with proper add-ons.

Exodus is one of the best-known add-ons for KODI. Many of the people use this add on because it is one the best add on to stream videos on Kodi. Kodi is a very flexible platform and can be used on almost every device like be TV, Smartphone or PC. But using Nito installer it can be easily installed. Some steps to install Kodi using Nito Installer are as follows:.

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Finally, you can now open Kodi from the home screen of your Apple TV. You are done. You have installed Kodi using Nito just by following simple steps. The reviews for Nito installer are quite exceptional because many people use this to jailbreak their different Apple TVs and the download ratio of Nito app is increasing day by day. Its ranking is 4. I hope you have enjoyed this short review and installation method of Nito installer. Attiq Haroon.

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I am a blogger, having little knowledge of everything on MGeeky. Essentially Cydia is the unofficial version of the Apple App Store, allowing a jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to install software not fit for distribution in the official App Store. For advanced users there is also an area to enter option SSH commands. For those of you who are already Jailbroken you can download Nito Installer from the iJailbreak Downloads section.

We will have a how to guide on using Nito Installer in the near future, but until that time please leave any further questions or thoughts in the comments. I have emailed the developers to see if there is plans for a Windows version, and will update you when I get a reply. Download nitoInstaller for Mac. Download nitoInstaller for Windows. Please note that if your installation fails, you should follow the second guide at the bottom of this page.

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Step 1: The rest of the process will take place wirelessly over your network. Step 2: Launch the nitoInstaller app that you just downloaded.

How-to: Use nitoTV to Install 3rd Party Apps on Your Jailbroken Apple TV

Be sure that your computer is connected to the same internet network as your Apple TV 2 device. Step 3: Click on where it says Choose Apple TV and select your device from the drop down list.