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You can now do this without the command line too, see "How to create redundant Time Machine backups. Time Machine saves a lot of backups: You can get a list of all the backups on your Time Machine disk with this command:.

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If you're curious about how much has changed in your Time Machine backups, there's a command that will let you find out how much of each backup is new. Run this command to see the delta between each of the Time Machine backups on your backup disk or volume:. This is not the Backups. Note that this command takes a long time to run, as your Mac has to calculate a lot of information.

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The tmutil command offers many other options, such as the ability to inherit destinations, perform detailed comparisons of backups, restore items and much more. See man tmutil to find out all that you can do.

Article via MacWorld. But on all apples I removed corestorage because it becaue unreliable on the long run. This one might contain the old command: Commands to repair permissions are hidden but still exist.

How To Health Check Your Mac’s Hard Disk

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Learn more about clone URLs. Download ZIP. Code Revisions 9 Stars Forks Verify and Repair: To repair the drive , you can issue the following command into Terminal: Once booted from OS X recovery, select Terminal from the utilities and then at the unix prompt enter: This should unmount all volumes of the physical drive. If still the above method didn't work, then the last option is to force the entire disk to unmount. For that using the terminal application again, enter the following command: This will definetely unmount the entire disk and all its related volume. You can then install all available software updates with the following command: You can also install only the recommended updates with: Control Time Machine from the command line Time Machine is a great tool for ensuring that your data is safe, and it's pretty easy to set up and use.

The basics Most people won't need to use this command for their backups because the Time Machine interface will suffice.

How to check your Mac's free hard drive space | Macworld

For example, to turn Time Machine on or off, you can run these commands: If you want to run a Time Machine backup right away, on a Mac that either has Time Machine disabled, or, say, just before updating to a new version of OS X, you can run this command: And if you ever want to stop a backup, just run this: You can do so with the following command: You can turn local snapshots back on by running: Exclude files and folders You can exclude certain files and folders from your Time Machine backups from the Time Machine pane in System Preferences.

Run this command: For example, if I want to exclude my Downloads folder from Time Machine backups, I would run the following: Manage remote backups If you're managing a remote Mac, such as a server, you may want to change Time Machine settings for that computer. TM Backup Kind: Local Mount Point: First, remove the current destination like this: Then run this command to set up a new destination disk: You can get a list of all the backups on your Time Machine disk with this command: Run this command to see the delta between each of the Time Machine backups on your backup disk or volume: For example, when I ran this command on my backups, I saw data like this: This comment has been minimized.

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Excellent, thanks! Clean and simple, just the opposite I found at the support site. Tags Hard Disk Startup disk. You may also like.

Verify a disk using Disk Utility on Mac

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