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Please try again later. Video Game Verified Purchase. I put off buying this for a long time but finally broke down and got it. I was a big fan of the early Tomb Raiders games and the new reviews were you either loved it or hated it. When I looked into it it seemed to be a lot more like what the early ones were so I bit. I really like the game, it does have a lot more in common with the earlier ones, it just goes about it a different way. The controls were easy to get used to and the menu's and such were pretty easy to figure out.

You don't really need a walkthrough as it's fairly easy to find your way around. I did use one but just as a reference as I get in a hurry sometimes and end up missing things and some of the jumps you have to make to get to other areas or stuff can be a little hard sometimes to figure out the right way.

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Very fluid and fast, no skipping or lags. I really enjoy the game, i bought a USB controller to play it but i find that it plays very well with the keyboard as well. The only downfall is that you HAVE to use the CD to play the game, it wont let you install the game so that you can just boot from the hard drive without the CD. I was hoping to not need the CD because i travel a lot and taking a CD is annoying to keep track of.

Otherwise, the game is great! I guess I would be considered a dinosaur in todays world of video games. I've always had a soft spot for the Tomb Raider series, right from the beginning. I haven't begun on this "latest" MAC edition of Anniversary but soon will be. Get Eidos to remember the rest of us! Great nostalgic game and much improved graphics. I would definitely recommend the use of a separate controller as using the keyboard is really inconvenient. The only downside to the game was the sometimes odd perspectives that I had to manually shift in order to see where Lara was going!

Plays great at full video details on my mac mini late i5 2. Had some artifacts that went away when I turned Anti Ailiasing off. Permet de rejouer les anciens jeux, mais je n'ai plus le temps I love the Lara Croft series and have played every Mac port available. I would have liked to enjoy this one as much as the others BUT the programmers did not include code to assign my joy stick switches to the various movements.

Also, the past several Mac versions and I understand the PC versions as well do not make turning and moving separate functions- if you turn in a direction you automatically start moving in that direction. As a result, I would not purchase this nor any future versions of the series because I no longer enjoy playing with so little realistic control of Lara just imagine if every time you turned to look at something you suddenly were required to start walking in that direction- can you say 'hit by a bus' quickly before expiring.

Guess I will get out the older games and redo them One person found this helpful. Video Game. I am still playing TR-Anniversary, so here's my thoughts at this point. The graphics are absolutely amazing. I have played every single TR for Mac since the first and it's hard to believe how detailed they are from what they once were at the time, I used to think they were amazing then, but now, WOW. The storyline may also be familiar. I have two main criticisms I highly recommend playing the Manor first Get used to the new controls which are customisable as before , but more importantly, get used to Lara's movements.

I find her movements frustrating to get used to, such as her direction of movement in-conjunction with the direction in which she faces. It's progress though and takes some getting used too. Lara is much faster moving than previously where you could be more precise with her movements, such as jumps and walking note: I really miss the Look mode as I enjoyed investigating. Having said that, interactions with her surroundings are again, WOW. For example, when Lara moves objects, they move in 3D, as in reality and don't follow a grid-like pattern.

Picking up objects is easy I remember a previous game where it was a bit of a precise issue. Lara has some really awesome movements which she has either, never had before or are so vastly improved. I give TR Anniversary 5 stars because 4. And when the Universal version is released it's likely that my G4 Mac won't meet the minimum requirements, which means that I may never be able to provide Mac-specific support for things such as savegames although my walkthrough is fully Mac-compatible!

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If I do upgrade to Tiger or Leopard I'll have to install it on a separate hard drive, and if I'm not successful running Anniversary then I'd be deleting that system install anyway so it would be a complete waste of money. Yes, there are a lot of 'ifs' there, and until more details of the Universal patch are released I can't say more Minimum input is now listed as mouse - the mouse is now used for primary control in conjunction with the keyboard - with Game Pad recommended as before.

Otherwise these system requirements are the same as the earlier interim requirements. Minimum Intel System Requirements Processor: DVD Input: Recommended Intel System Requirements Processor: Game Pad. Tomb Raider Anniversary is a tribute to the game that started the epic adventure series, the original Tomb Raider released in , first for Sega Saturn, then later that year for PlayStation and PC.

In it was released for Mac as Tomb Raider Gold. For those familiar with the original, Anniversary will be instantly recognisable but at the same time refreshingly different. Gone are the pixelly graphics and blocky terrain, to be replaced with a much more sophisticated environment that broadly approximates the original but has been assembled on a larger scale to accommodate the vastly superior capabilities of the evolved Lara Croft.

Along with this the player will find that although the gameplay is broadly familiar, it has also been updated to a modern style, having much in common with Tomb Raider Legend from April Which is nothing of a surprise as Anniversary was developed using a modified Legend game engine by Crystal Dynamics, the developers of Legend.

There are, however, some additional moves for Lara and I'll explain these in the walkthrough as I go. For the traditionalists among us Lara is sporting her original costume, and her weapons will also be similar to the originals including the classic pistols with unlimited ammo, along with the shotgun, auto pistols and sub-machine guns!

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The enemies will be generally much the same as the original, but updated as well, so if you've a yearning to fight wolves, bears, and the T Rex, then you won't be disappointed! The terrain will be probably the most changed, with places like the Lost Valley on a much grander scale! Anniversary will probably not please all the TR traditionalists, but for many it is a very fitting 10th anniversary tribute albeit a little late For a wide variety of information on the game Eidos has posted the official Tomb Raider: Anniversary website , including a range of trailers, wallpapers, screenshots, concept art, and much more!

This site is aimed at broadband users, but with some patience dialup users can still access some of the material. Anniversary page.

Tomb Raider: Anniversary – Guides and FAQs

This is in addition to the May announcement of a Wii version in development. On 14 August Eidos released more information about the Wii version of Anniversary , slated for release late Apart from the new control system, there are also new puzzles where Lara can interact with the environment in ways not seen before in TR, using items such as an 'archaeological toolkit'.

To shoot the wolves from above, approach the edge of the stone ledge or the bridge. The wolves will move in below Lara, making it hard to target them. Press and hold the Target Lock key to keep a lock on one wolf as shown in this screenshot. Even though the wolf is out of your line of sight, Lara can still see it.

Fire until it's dead. Then release and re-press Target Lock to target the second wolf. If you're playing the Wii version and want to target the wolves down below, instead of pressing Target Lock, just hold the camera control button C and move the remote until you can sight on the wolves. Aim with the remote and fire when the targeting reticle turns red.

If necessary, change positions on the ledge for a better vantage point. If you fall down by accident, there's a low rock step where you can climb out of the pit. It's located between the entrance and the bridge also shown in the same screenshot. If you choose to drop down and confront the wolves, note the on-screen instructions: Tap the Jump key to recover if Lara gets knocked down.

Once the wolves are dead, if you didn't already do so accidentally, step out onto the bridge and allow it to collapse. Pick up a small medipack in the little cave beneath one end of the second, higher wooden bridge. There's a second small medipak in the other dark cave in the Wii game.

FAQs and Game Help for Tomb Raider Anniversary

Use the flashlight—control pad Left—if necessary to see into the dark hollow. There's also an artifact glowing in a raised opening on one side of the pit, but you can't reach it yet. You'll get it later from the other side. Notice the small medipack in the raised alcove on the left. To get it, first turn right and begin to climb up toward the higher bridge, but don't pull all the way up. While hanging from the top ledge, climb to the right as far as possible. Then jump back to grab a handhold on the square pillar behind.

Climb around the pillar to the right. The broken bridge will now be on Lara's right. Jump up to grab the handhold above. Then jump back to grab onto the second square pillar. It's a long jump, and you'll see a message on screen reminding you that when Lara grabs with only one hand, you should press Interact to do a saving grab so she doesn't fall.

Do that now to make the message go away. Climb around to the right as far as you can and then jump to the right to grab the edge of the alcove. Pull up, get the health pack, then drop down, cross the ledge and climb the handholds leading up to the second bridge. This bridge is safe to cross over. On the other side, head to the left and climb up to the next room.

Turn right and approach the edge of the pit with caution. A huge brown bear lurks in the pit below. Climb down the white stone handholds on the right wall. There's a rough stone step at the bottom where you can stand and shoot the bear. As long as she stays there, it can't reach Lara. If the bear won't come out of the dark passageway, try climbing back up the handholds, approaching the middle of the ledge and then climbing back down into the pit. That should get its attention. Alternatively, you can climb down the handholds to trigger the bear's appearance, then climb back up and take a running jump from the edge of the pit to grab the dangling rope.

Then swing across to the far side of the pit to shoot the bear from above. Or, while hanging from the rope, turn to the left to face the alcove with the large medipack. Climb down the rope a bit by holding Interact then pressing Down , then swing and jump into that alcove. Get the health pack and shoot the bear from here. When the bear is dead, drop down into the pit and follow the passage to a door and the switch that opens it.

The door closes behind you, so hop down from the cave opening into the area where you fought the wolves earlier. If you didn't already get the large medipack in the raised alcove on one side of the bear pit, do that now, either using the rope as described above or by taking a running jump along the ledge near the wall to grab the edge of the alcove as shown in this screenshot. Once you've obtained the medipack, drop back down into the pit, climb back up the handholds to the ledge and once again jump to grab the rope.

Now swing across the pit to the other side and go behind the columns on the left to find another large medipack. Continue down the ramp, up a set of stairs and on to a shallow pit with greenery and a broken wooden structure. Take a running jump to grab the horizontal pole jutting out of the left wall. Position the camera behind Lara and then press Forward to swing around the pole.

Just as Lara reaches the bottom of a swing, press Jump to leap from the pole and grab the opposite ledge. With good timing, it's possible to run past the dart traps and take little or no damage. But if you want to be really safe, approach each trap in turn, stopping just before the grooves in the floor that mark each trap.

Watch the way the darts fly and run through just after a dart or group of darts passes. Beyond the dart traps is a square pressure pad on the floor. Stepping on this will open the huge doors ahead, but you'll need to unlock them first. An on-screen message explains how to use Lara's journal to find clues about her current predicament. Press Down to see the Items section of the inventory. In this case, all it says is that the doors need to be opened.

Not too helpful. The door-opening sequence is included in the same video walkthrough that shows how to obtain the RELIC. Turn left and climb the handholds to the ledge above. A wolf's howl warns of an enemy ahead. Step forward cautiously, turn left and get ready to fight. If you immediately run forward to get a lock on the wolf and then jump back shooting, you should be able to kill it before it reaches Lara.

When it's dead, turn around to face the huge counterweight hanging from a rope against the wall. Grab onto the handhold in the corner to the left. Climb around the corner to the right and then jump to grab the counterweight. Lara's weight pulls it down, unlocking one side of the big doors. Both counterweights are on timers. Once the first weight has been lowered, you have a little less than 2 minutes to get to the second counterweight, lower it, and then drop down and step on the pressure pad before the first counterweight returns to its original position.

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  8. If you don't make it in time, you can try again. A low thumping sound is audible as the first weight gradually moves upward. When the sound stops, time is up. Turn around and go through the small doorway from which the wolf emerged. At the end of the corridor, turn left and take a running jump to grab the first of three horizontal poles. Swing around and jump to grab the next pole, then the next, and from there, jump to the opposite ledge. Again howling sounds warn you to proceed with caution. There's a second wolf ahead on the left.

    You can use the same technique as you did with the first wolf: When it's dead, approach the small doorway to draw out a third wolf. Kill it the same way.

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    Then go through the small doorway and follow the corridor to the end, where you'll find the second counterweight holding the doors closed. Climb the handholds in the alcove to the right. Jump back to grab the horizontal pole , which then swings around toward the counterweight. Adjust Lara's position left to right if necessary so she's squarely facing the counterweight.

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    7. Swing around and jump to grab the counterweight, which then descends, unlocking the other side of the big doors. The second counterweight is also timed to retract after a little less than 2 min tues. It too makes a thumping sound as it retracts.

      What do you need help on?

      If you've already lowered the first weight and it hasn't retracted yet, you should have time to drop down and step on the pad. If the first weight has already returned to its original position, climb up the handholds to the left of the doors once more and lower the weight on that side again. Then drop down and step on the pad. If this doesn't work, wait for both weights to return to their original positions and repeat the whole procedure.

      If you need extra time, lower the counterweight to the right of the door first, then the one on the left. Once you've opened the doors, don't leave yet. There's still treasure to be had.