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I'm not Mac fan don't hate! Heard an electrical sizzle sound and then totally went dead Power Mac G5 - early -- silver tower -- is this the power supply? No warning - just the elecrical buzz sound like a short? Help, anyone! If you do not have an LCS, then the sizzle would probably indicate only a power supply problem.

A leaking LCS would also implicate the processors and perhaps the logic board. You'll need to remove the side panel and plastic baffle and examine the area around the processors with a bright light.

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Green liquid or white crumbly residue are dead giveaways for a leaking LCS. Some folks have gotten free repairs or replacement Macs for this issue when Apple Customer Relations have been contacted As always, an extremely polite and gentle attitude with them produces the best results. FWIW I'll add to the thread: My G5 has been great since ' Never failed to boot or even ride out several power outages in the past years.

Then after returning home to an obvious post-outage other applicances needed clock re-sets. I later went to my Mac which has its power light still on Anyone, with a suggestion to help reboot or am I just hopeful for nothing? Am I missing somehting else I could do? I have been looking for a new MacPro waiting to see if newer ones were going to appear but now I need to pull jobs off this CPU.

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Will Mac have issues doing that even? After reading up on subject Power button stays on upon replugging in, etc. Does anyone thing a surge or the PSU blowing up could effect my Display as well? Short it out, etc? Add one more dead G5 tower dual 2. Mine was the power supply. Hoping to salvage the SuperDrive. Is there such a thing as an external Firewire box this could be transferred to? Steve St-Laurent wrote: According to MacTracker, a dual This is parallel ATA.

You can get 5. I was able to find one that you might like: Interesting - I had no idea that this was so widespread. I Bought a gen 2 G5 in Aug05 but the power supply died in Aug The 'genius' in the shop said repair is not an option and I would have to upgrade to a new machine. Heck, what is going on?

Anyway, does anyone know if these can be reconditioned? The G5 power supply issue is likely failing caps. There are thousands of these issues with manufacturers that were supplied defective capacitors from through maybe even earlier. If you want to open it up, clean it of dust, inspect for bad caps and replace, go for it. Caps from DigiKey or other electronics vendor and there ya go! The point here is, when do you stop supporting a product that is EOL end of line?

Should the local dealership stock and supply parts for a Chevy Nova? Cars, like computers, become obsolete. We replace them. Unlike cars, most computers will not kill you if the power supply fails. Since Apple had coverage and moved on there is evidence that Mac G5 owners are still getting Mac Pro exchanges for failed G5 towers Apple wants you to buy, not keep. As far as weak solder, preaching to the choir. Or the bad chip underneath iBooks. The failed caps on nVidia cards. The bad GPU on nVidia. Failing monitors in iMac and eMacs. No one is perfect. And honestly, I don't think Apple planned those issues.

And when noted, Apple is not a bad company. Inconvenient, yes. But Apple isn't to blame. I predict next issue is halogen-free plastics.

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That stuff is fragile. Connectors JST just pop and crack after two years remember, environmentally friendly, but the heating-cooling environment is causing their demise. Just like Mercedes-Benz had failing wiring harness found out decade later because it was made to "green" standards, this safe practice will eventually, create more defective waste than it intended to prevent. I wonder how long SSDs will last James Sparkes says he bought "a gen 2 G5 in Aug05," but I question his memory. There were five generations of Power Mac G5: Power Mac G5 2.

Power Mac G5 June 3. Power Mac G5 Late 4. Power Mac G5 Early 5. Power Mac G5 Late Unless he bought it used, he probably has the 4th generation. That model has one of two power supplies: Apple service part number: But if you search for the part number on eBay, you can find them for much less. Power Supply failures in liquid-cooled G5 models 2. Computers having the LCS should be visually checked frequently to nip such problems before they cause irreversible damage.

I discovered a leak in the LCS of my early 2. Mike's "xlr8yourmac. This sort of failure seems to be rather widespread. Fortunately my LCS leak was fixed before the power supply could be damaged. Lead-free solder has nothing to do with bad capacitors, which are as often as not the problem in Macs.

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I have hard drives and computers made with lead free solder that have worked perfectly for years -- we have, I think, every second generation of Mac at this house, and have yet to find a hardware failure on anything but the internal mic cable on a Macbook Pro. But bad caps are another story, and it has nothing to do with Apple changing their quality policy. I used to work on Mac Plus and SE motherboards -- I was always replacing capacitors I was fixing computers part-time while in grad school.

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Apple didn't use the best available, but to be fair, nobody did. Their track record was then, and still is, the best out there, as far as I know. Oh, and I resoldered an awful lot of those analog-to-digital-board cables At least they moved the vibrating parts onto their own board. It's very, very hard to make a complex device that will consistently last a real world five to ten years, consistently, across millions of units. I don't think Apple's lowered their quality standards, though. And for the record, it wasn't much easier to crack a Mac Plus the first time, than to crack a Mac Mini the first time.

The G5 is the latest and best computer that will run the Classic sub-OS. Some of my favorite apps run only under Mac OS 9. Upgraded, but it certainly isn't a G5! Apple's capacitor problems, and Dell's, HP's, and Samsung's, to name a few, largely originate in the botched industrial espionage case a decade ago. The capacitors manufactured with the bad electrolyte solution are still showing up.

I would not be surprised if it takes another ten years before they are all gone.

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Most recently they have been showing up in HDTVs. I bought a Western Digital g MyBook in to use in storing music and current video projects. After 3 and a half years it failed. Further examination shows that the disc platters are spinning up, but the arm is moving back and forth and not reading any data. I have never seen this kind of failure before, so I will keep you posted on whether it can be repaired or recovered.

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There were some instructions unique to the G5 ship that aren't translated by Rosetta, but I can't think of any apps that required a G5. Along with a lot of other claimed complications, they claim my firmware is damaged. With the platters spinning up, that doesn't make sense. On one level this is the normal cost. However any way I look at this will not justify this price to recovering what's on the drive. There must be a better and more reasonable price to achieve this. I will even talk to Apple. To test their point, I will drop another drive in the external shell and see if this problem is repeated.

I will also talk to Western Digital Comment on this posting Steven Klein wrote: OK, I stand corrected. Anyway, I will keep my 2. Manuel wants to know if the power supply in a Power Mac G5 quad 2.

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The quad 2. So yes, you can swap the higher-capacity power supply in for the lower-capacity power supply. But you can't do it the other way. However, I have not verified that the voltages supplied at the connector pins are the same. Maybe welovemacs. Previous PowerMac G5 power supplies have a different connection scheme closer to "normal", whatever that is , and it's not possible to interchange the late with any other power supply. My gut reaction would be no, as the Quad core G5 requires a special power cord.

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Quality electrolytic capacitors should have a service life of around years before they go out of spec. That is, the capacitance changes by more than the tolerance listed for the part, not that the part actually leaks or fails. I suspect the problem is either Apple is cheating by using cheap Chinese junk components or they are running above the rated temperature to get the slimmest possible design, or maybe both.

Pay the extra money and use high-quality European or Japanese parts, such as Panasonic or Nichicon. Concensus seems to be that pretty much the entire industry was using Chinese junk capacitors. Low End Mac is funded primarily through donations. All of our advertising is handled by BackBeat Media. For price quotes and advertising information, please contact BackBeat Media at This number is for advertising only. Welcome Image and Text. Bad Caps and Hardware Failures There was a period of time, roughly through , when second-rate capacitors flooded the market, and the failure rate for G5 Power Macs, eMacs, G5 iMacs, and many PCs as well was quite high.

Model Identifier Part no. Power Supply no. Cooling 1. Like this: Like Loading Donations Donations Low End Mac is funded primarily through donations. Join our email lists! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.