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Its menu lets you restart or shut down your Mac and view system information. If you press the Option key when the menu is visible, you'll notice the dots disappear from Restart, Shut Down and Log Out commands.

No dots means the confirmation step is removed, so you can perform any of the three commands in one fell swoop. The other change you'll see when you hold down the Option button here is the About This Mac changes to System Information. When you click About This Mac, you open a small window that shows an overview of your system.

It also features a button labeled System Report that opens a second window with more detailed information about your hardware, software and network. With the Option key held down, the System Information menu item lets you bypass the overview page about your Mac and go directly to the system report. I covered this one on my tips about Spotlight search, but it bears repeating because it might be the most useful keyboard shortcut on the Mac.

Mac 101: Forward delete on a Mac laptop

Instead of clicking the magnifying glass in the menu bar to open Spotlight search, just hit Command-spacebar. How to set up Google's two-step verification: With a few minutes of setup time, your account will be much more secure. How to book an Uber or Lyft with Google Home: Use a Google Home and your phone to get the best ride.

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Command-Q to quit If you are coming to Mac after a long tenure with Windows, then you might get tripped up when you click the red X in the upper-left corner of a window only to discover that the app is still running after the window closes. KeyRemap4Macbook is great, but it has way too much configurability and not very much documentation. This is both fast, and keyboard specific; which works very well for me. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Dave Nelson Dave Nelson 4, 1 10 Eject keys also have a small delay by default, but it can be removed with NoEjectDelay. My personal feeling is there are other aspects of the switching question that will ultimately have a much bigger impact on your experience than the keyboard. Much of the differences in Windows vs. OS X come down to personal preference.

I might actually consider switching the other way if I could run on the Windows desktop the few Mac-only apps that are essential for me.

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I've used the laptop keyboard for several years now and this is the only compliant I have but it's a constant irritation. Yes you can use the Fn and delete key but that takes 2 hands since they are kitty corner to each other, as far apart as they can possibly be, and no one with hands smaller than an NBA basketball player could do this one handed, my hands are about 5" too short! It is by far less efficient and certainly less elegant. I did see I can remap the eject key but then I have no eject key, not what I see as a reasonable solution when shift delete would serve as well and make more intuitive sense.

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I like the apple products, mostly because of fit and finish of the products. As for the keyboard, its a matter of getting used to the it and unlearning the PC keyboard. Early on, I found out that apple products are more intuitive than most other products I've used. Just play around with the keyboard and when in doubt, use the control keys along with the main key, chances are you will get the desired response.

Pain in the toucas! I am constantly annoyed at not having a delete key. I purchased a 3rd part keyboard for mac, and it was great for a little while and it had a delete key but then it stopped working. So, I'm headed to the Apple store today to get another keyboard I hope it also has a delete key.

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I really miss the numeric keypad It make a huge difference in my work. I have the new wireless keyboard for my new iMac 27". I definitely agree that it is less efficient than the wireless keyboard I had for my old iMac G5. I can't believe that the designers eliminated the delete key, so one can delete to the right of the cursor. It's a big mis-design omission, rather! However, I do like the functionality and feel of it. Typing is pure fun with these keys.

I hope the corded keyboard is similar in key design and choice of material, because that's what I'm getting to replace the wireless. I also have the "miracle" pad, but haven't figured out what to do with it, yet, and I'm currently not using it. I think, the magic mouse makes it redundant. I'll see, if I can use the miracle pad in photoshop, as a drawing tool or am I expecting too much? Well if you get the wired keyboard then you still have both the backspace and the delete key, except they are both called the same thing. If you get the wireless keyboard or just the laptop keyboard you can perform the 'delete' right function by holding down fn and hitting the normal delete left.

Apple computers are very nice machines to have, and after the time it takes to get used to apple they are really good computers. They are light, powerful, and have an excellent display it's not all about the pixels , so if you can afford one its well worth the money.

Mac Forward delete on a Mac laptop

ANd if you buy a mac laptop and find after a few weeks you still don't like it, then you can install windows and make it always start up using windows. Look up apple windows bootcamp. They are fantastic keyboards. You can use fn-delete to perform a forward delete. Or you can use the lesser-known Control-D.

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  6. You can also highlight a whole word with a double click over it. There is as others have posted in response before me a trick with a mac that substitutes the same function on a PC.