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What exactly do you want to do? Be careful.

The Mac Hosts File: How to Modify /etc/hosts in Mac OS X with TextEdit

This is sensitive stuff, and you should not mess with it unless you know what you are doing. Please ellaborate. Aug 31, I need to access a site that is not on the internet. I used to be able to add a host file easily, but now it brings up a finder box asking where to save it. I have no idea how to save it. If I understand correctly, you have a website on some local network machine and, presumably, want to use a name for it otherwise you can just enter the local network IP address for it.

Assuming the machine in question has local IP You need to use a plain text editor if you use TextEdit make sure you do NOT save it as rich text, as that won't work.

How to set up multiple hosts / domains in AMPP MAC OS X El Capitan

Press command-O to open. This is how you can reach an otherwise hidden folder. Select the hosts file to open it.

How to Edit Hosts file in Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan

Add the desired line and save. It will not allow you, and force you to Duplicate. That is fine.

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Save the duplicate on your desktop and call it "hosts". Start by renaming the hosts file that is already in there - call it, say hosts-original, so you know how the file was before any changes and can put it back if necessary. You will have to authenticate for this. Sep 2, 6: Sep 2, 8: How do I save my host file?

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Communities Contact Support. Rebooting instead of flushing the cache doesn't help either. I came across this while searching for an answer to a similar problem and wanted to post my findings for anyone else in the same position. Upon further digging, we realized I was on OS X We found, after trying about a million things, that additions to the hosts file in After making this change, we immediately started seeing expected results without any cache clears, reboots, or otherwise.

I know in your example you are only showing one space, but in the off chance that's now how it appeared in your actual file I wanted to share this anyway. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. I have found one unsatisfactory workaround.

The Mac Hosts File: How to Modify /etc/hosts in Mac OS X with TextEdit

If anybody's encountered this problem, I'd love to know if there's a workaround. Make sure the entry you added is properly formatted: IP address followed by a space or tab, followed by the name, then a linefeed at the end of the line.

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  5. The hosts file is used by your computer to map hostnames to IP addresses..
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  7. The line should look like " Gordon, thanks, but all that's correct. Straight ascii file created with vim on a mac which is essentially BSD unix , so no strange windows stuff: The problem runs deeper. El Capitan seems to have discarded pretty much everything that used to work in the past. None of the standard Liunx procedures work, and things that worked in Yosemite don't work any more.

    I'm just going to give up and use dnsmasq, inserted manually into the list of DNS resolvers using networksetup.